Best East-Coast Union for 3M positions for 2023?

I hope I’m not lighting a fire here but I’m looking over old posts on several unions (SIU, AMO…) as I am looking to apply in hopes of 3rd Mate work. Seeing as the labor marker is much tighter for 3rd mates now and we finally seem to be in demand, I was wondering if one of the major unions is better than the rest, at least on the East coast? Also which in your opinion would be the worst.

Depends what you’re looking for. Do you have a PIC? TOAR? Govt vessel courses + small arms + clearance? Willing to work ATBs? Etc. The answers to those questions can make a difference.

Willing to sit in union calls waiting around for the possibility of a higher paying gig? After vacation going back to that hall again to repeat the process? MMP.

Want to work on a US flagged Norwegian cruise ship with a cool uniform? Maybe a car carrier to break it up too. MEBA

Would you prefer more-than-likely less pay (I say more-than-likely because it’s not true for ALL ships/contracts) and have steady employment, not having to go to a hiring hall? AMO

Would you like to sail non-licensed and get shanghaied on a vessel for 150 days? SIU

If you’re motivated all of them can be a way to a successful career.

Just saw a crowley ad on facebook looking for mates. Sounds like they are hiring them without a mate of tow and/or a PIC. They would hire direct then you join whatever union the fleet you are assigned to is contracted with i think.


Sounds like that might be Crowley ATBs. I heard they are giving an extra $25 per day “bonus” to keep people from jumping ship. Perhaps someone else knows more about this.

Should be lots of Crowley folk seeing they’re on both coasts, and have tugs and tankers, curious to hear as well!!