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I notice that Crowley is affiliated with SIU. Does that mean you have to sit in some union hall to get what is essentially part-time gigs working their boats or can you apply directly to the company, get offered a position, and then just cough up your money to the union? Alot of the companies I am interested in due to location, routes, schedules, etc. seem to be union affiliated but I do not want to be waiting around in union halls for gigs. Thanks for any clarification y’all can provide!

You can apply directly to the Company. If you get an offer then you must join the union. At least that was the deal when they offered me a Job in the west coast and they are MMP there.

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I applied through the Crowley Website, was offered an ATB job and had to go to the union hall to get the paperwork started. The union rep’s response when I stated that I had a job with Crowley was “that’s not how it works–you join the union then you get a job.”. Fortunately I had the phone number for my contact at Crowley and after a call, the rep’s attitude changed somewhat. I was not at all impressed with the SIU but Crowley was a good employer.


There is a clause in the Crowley ATB SIU contract stating they have the right to hire the best qualified people from the Manpower List.

What is the Manpower List?

[QUOTE=HawsePiper;54172]What is the Manpower List?[/QUOTE]
It’s the list of SIU members and their certs.