CROWLEY Second (2nd) Mate ATB positions open! Three openings!

Crewed up another Crowley ATB on the West Coast and Crowley has three openings for Second (2nd) Mates.

Make sure you have a towing endorsement (or TOAR), 1600ton Mate’s license (or greater), Tankerman-PIC, GMDSS, TWIC, etc.

Make sure you know how to do pretty much everything yourself on a tanker (ie. all paperwork, starting/stopping Inert Gas systems, starting stopping ballast and cargo pumps, manually stripping tanks, topping off, DOIs, etc.)

Rewarding experience… if you can do this job, any other job in the a maritime profession is a piece of cake.

Rotation is 4 weeks on/off, with a 6 on/off watch schedule (4 on 8 off when at anchor or sea).

You would have to join IOMMP West Coast Inland (great medical).

Could be your chance to get in with Crowley as they try to hire in-company first, but there’s a few spots here!

Ask below contacts about openings, as of April 15th Crowley IOMMP West Coast has three (3) Second Mate positions to fill!

Contacts in the Seattle office would be:
Scott Craig 206-332-8215
Howard Clark 206-332-8216

p.s. If you can’t get in on the Second Mate’s spot. Ask about the Third Mate opportunites to become trained up on the Second Mate’s spot!

Get hot folks, Scott just emailed me about these positions. For them to be reaching out means they NEED people ASAP!

Anyone know what the pay is like? Siu? 550’s or 650’s?

Ok I saw iommp…

IOMMP means they are 550 class vessels on the West coast.

The IOMMP doors have one 650 on the left coast, the Gulf Reliance. Crowley has a system like a few other places of ATO (accumulated time off). You get paid, as a second mate, $230.06 a day, then each day you’re off you get the same. So one may look at it a the pay being $460.12 a random holidays one would get am extra day credited.

*does (spell correction)

What if their current in lieu of?

One day worked is one day paid time off. They want one to hold at least 15 days of pay (ATO - Accumulated time off) to cover health benefits.

I’m fairly certain they also get in lieu of pay. Since they don’t get overtime they get x% extra for every day they are on the boat. What is that rate currently? I believe it was around 4% or 4.5% a few years ago.

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;67523]I’m fairly certain they also get in lieu of pay. Since they don’t get overtime they get x% extra for every day they are on the boat. What is that rate currently? I believe it was around 4% or 4.5% a few years ago.[/QUOTE]
That is or was in the SIU contract. I think it was rolled into the dayrate.

The mm&p side at least had it in the contract such that your day rate was (for example) $250, day for day ato and 10% ilo. Thus, when you were on the boat you actually made $275 a day and when on ato you made $250. The numbers are pulled out of my ass for easy math…

There is no in lieu of pay, you get a day rate an get the same when your off " day for a day " my grandpa is on one of crowleys west coast atb’s if you were wondering where I was getting my info. It’s not a bad gig 28 days on 28 off, they all have cooks, get your own room ( most of the time ).

What union is your grandfather in?

Phoenix, misunderstood your question before. No in lieu pay, everything’s pulled into into one, as the other posters mentioned.

Satellite TV along the coast and in each individual room. Cell reception when not 50NM off shore and cell boosters throughout vessel so one may talk privately.

Are these sought after positions? Seems like they want a lot of credentials and experience for quite a low pay. Just asking.

It is working petroleum, and petroleum is usually less than elsewhere. Granted, Polar & ATC pay more than most petroleum, but the 3rd & 2nd mates are pretty much like other tank ships (tankers) I’ve been on before, baby sitters for the C/m. These ATBs carry refined products, no crude or chemicals. Pay won’t be as good as a container ship monkey or being a DP zombie, but if one can do this, anything else is easy. After doing a little of the DP and box ships myself, and being an active person who likes to learn, I can’t sit around and waste away. That’s for some people, but if one’s looking for lots of hands on, then this is the place. Step in the door to eventually go to Crowley harbor tugs too, if that’s a thought for future. This isn’t for everyone, it’s real work.

Another thing, the 550 barges have all manually operated valves. One mate & one AB Tankerman per watch. The 650s are a bit more dumbed down as they have a bit more automation to them and auto-stripping tanks.

Two spots still open. One is filled.

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