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Greetings, has anyone worked for MFOW? I was with MSC for five years loved it. Would have stayed of it wasn’t for the relief and rotation problem. Currently working on a government vessel for a private company out of the GOM and I’m looking to switch to MFOW. Can anyone tell me any pros and cons about this union.

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Good union but not that many companies under contract. Principally Matson, APL, and Patriot.

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That’s True, they have very few companies under their contacts. Do you think it might be better than SIU? Or do you think SIU might be a better bet due to the fact that they have more contracts?

When jobs are plentiful it really doesn’t matter, but the industry swings from feast to famine. The SIU, having more contracts, has a lot more opportunity. Their school at Piney Point is really quite good.

I will add that my son sails in the SIU. He has worked on a variety of ships and companies.

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Pros - Very high paying jobs, especially for Electricians and Reefers.

Cons - Halls on the West Coast only. You may wait a while for a job unless you sail elec/reefer.

Are there any MEBA guys that you know of that sail MFOW to let their MEBA shipping card age?

I dont know of any. There is so much work right now there really isn’t any need to do this.

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Thanks for you’re input. I was considering MFOW over SIU, but maybe i might look more into SIU.

How is it for oilers? I was told they’re was a dire need for mariners. How true is that? Are you guys short?

No i don’t know anybody from mfow. I know people from meba, but they sail with msc.

Met a guy in class a few years ago. He was in the process of getting his 3rd assistant ticket. He was, at that point, a career mfow guy and had been sailing as an electrician. He told me he made the same as a 3rd on his ship. I recall he sailed with matson.

I do know unlike the other unions, mfow’s website had their various contract wages posted. That was a few years ago, not sure if they still do.

A few years ago somebody brought the MFOW union newspaper aboard. The wages were printed in it.

There was also an article saying that they desperately needed more new members to meet their contract commitments.

I havent been to one of thier halls in a while but from talking with current members and reading thier paper i would say this is true.

From what I’ve heard

the lower seniority oiler/electrician billets are mostly 4-6 month hitches w/ patriot on the Watson class LMSRs. decent pay and tons of jobs right now.

The high seniority reefer/electricians on Matson/apl pay great.

If I was looking unlicensed union this would probably be the one that I’d join.

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Correct, they do have they’re wages on their website. Im aware of the pay for QMED Oiler.

I seen a flyer saying that they needed it people. Im going to stop by one of they’re halls once I get off the ship and find out whats up.

Thank you for you’re input. Definitely going to pursue MFOW over SIU. I haven’t heard one bad thing about MFOW but I’ve heard plenty of bad things about SIU. ( I have alot family and friends who sail SIU)

My Dad and Uncle were career MFOW Members from roughly 1937 until 1956 and 1963 respectively. I joined the MFOW in 1977 and sailed a couple of years with them until PFEL and States went under.

The MFOW working rules and contracts are some of the best in the world for Unlicensed Engine Ratings- their level of professionalism (at least when I was there) was second to none. Their appreciation of being good union members- legendary. Their wages much higher than others.

I remember clearly that there were a bunch of career MFOW hands which had sat for Original 2nd Engineer Licenses in the old days- and when they retired from the MFOW they went right to MEBA
D-1. The training and opportunities in the MFOW are amongst the best-


I will confirm the info about Patriot and the watson class ships. There is a very good chance you will have a job as soon as you join.

Thanks guys. Appreciate it all the feed back, Ive decided that i will pursue MFOW.

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