What's with the Seacor boat in Chouest colors?

seen at the LA SHIP in Houma,LA. ex: Seacor Vision

I was told they bought it for Trinidad, need anchor boats bad down there is the word.

I think the better question is, What is the true relationship between ECO and Seacor? I’ve seen a couple Seacor boats manned by Chouest personnel, one of which is an old ECO boat. Anyone know what that’s about?

Those four mini anchor/supply boats were built by ECO for Rowan. They had a contract to manage and crew the boats and when seacor bought them that continued. Whether it’s because of the original contract or just because seacor decided to leave things managed as they were I don’t know.

That makes much more sense than the conspiracy theory’s we came up with on the boat

I don’t know about needing anchor boats in Trinidad. There are six Chouest boats here and four are anchor boats doing supply work. Horse power on Dp is needed with currents sometimes over four knots for days.

That could be it then, my source of info was a port engineer at ECO.

It was part of a package deal. I’m not privy to all the details but it was part of the trade where Seacor took ECO’s two lift boats and ECO got the Vision and sole ownership of the Dove (Dove was a joint venture between Chouest and Seacor).

All I know for sure is I’m glad the Eagle or the Hawk don’t get on the corner of slip B anymore…

Cool good to know

I had heard it was for Africa. But that was back when they first took possession of it. It was said that they were so short of anchor boats that they had converted some supply vessels to try and keep up. So they decided to get something better.

It looks like Maverick has been owned by ECO’s “Team Marine” since 11/2013.

Company Role Date of effect Sources

UNKNOWN ISM Manager since 16/12/2013 IHS Maritime
TEAM MARINE LLC Registered owner during 11/2013 IHS Maritime
GALLIANO MARINE SERVICE LLC Ship manager during 11/2013 IHS Maritime
SIEMENS FINANCIAL INC Registered owner during 10/2007 IHS Maritime
BANC OF AMERICA LEASING Registered owner since 29/08/2006 IHS Maritime
SEACOR MARINE LLC ISM Manager since 29/11/2001 IHS Maritime
SEACOR VISION Ship manager during 2001 IHS Maritime
SEACOR MARINE LLC Ship manager since 01/01/2001 IHS Maritime
SEACOR VISION Registered owner since 01/01/2001 IHS Maritime

Yes. That’s about the time the deal was made. Same time the lift boats got turned over to Seacor.

[QUOTE=Rain Wizard;146164]That makes much more sense than the conspiracy theory’s we came up with on the boat[/QUOTE]

Conspiracy theories are way more interesting than something simple and bland like a bareboat or time charter.

For those that dont know how Seacor operates, Seacor trys to physicaly own as few boats as possible. They like to sell them to banks and then lease them back to operate. After the boat gets older and the lease runs out Seacor dosent renew the contract and the boats usually go up for sale.