Seacor Reputation

Having worked for a former Seacor subsidiary (NRC) I have my own opinions from a semi-insiders perspective, but I was struck by how little Seacor comes up in conversation on these boards. I know almost nothing about the organization since Fabrikant Sr. handed over the reigns and NRC was sold to an outside firm.

Can any of you offer your thoughts on what Seacor is like to work for, the state of their equipment, pay rates, corporate attitude, what have you?

an ex-player in the GoM who had the chance to eat Gary Chouest’s lunch way back when but still a significant player in the tanker trade and aviation services.

It is really something to watch how some like Charles Fabrikant have conceded the field to Chouest in Fourchon while others like Shane Guidry and Todd Hornbeck are not saying uncle to the great Don of the Five Bayou Families.

I expect that soon it will be Candies turn to leave the field…they are not keeping up anymore after taking the pole position in subsea vessels.

Very soon it may be just three big players and the rest just the mom and pops to pick through the scraps left over for them in the dump along with the used Pampers.

Oh, I wouldn’t say they are completely an “ex-player.” Still a large, publicly traded company with a fairly robust newbuild program and some nice vessels in all classes. They seem to be selling-off a lot of their older and smaller equipment. I have a friend who works there and was hoping he would chime-in, but what I know from him and a few others I’ve talked to is: good benefits, paid training (including partial day rate) to school of choice, decent (though not top-of-market) pay, and fair and friendly folks in the office. I believe most schedules, at least on the >100-ton boats, are 28/28.

I’ve been aboard a few seacor anchor handlers and they were crewed by Chouest employees. Anybody know why that is? I asked one of them and he just said “it’s complicated” so I let it go…

Boats were built for Rowan, and Rowan had a contract with Eco to crew them. Rowan sold the boats, Eco crewing contract still has time on it. So far as I have been told.

Gary needed to get rid of some anchor handlers before being able to build the new,bigger ones.
he had too many…something about a monopoly i heard.
pound for pound,those z drive seacor/rowan/chouest boats are pretty bad ass. It seems like the water was getting
too deep for their winches though…i doubt they do much anchor work anymore. Mostly supply…if any work at all.
I learned a good bit working on those boats yrs ago.