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Yes a sad ending for a great tug, but everything has to end, eventually.
I inspected the John Ross a couple of times for “Tow Approval” when she was used for long distance towage of rigs etc.

In 1985 I did a memorable tow with the sistership “Wolraad Woltemade” (AKA “not the John Ross but the other one with the difficult name”) Seen here together in better days:
Now both gone.

The tow was of the Argentine J/U Rig “Rio Colorado I” from Bahia San Sebastian, Tierra del Fuego to Puerto Madryn, Argentina for loadout on HLV Dyvi Swan and transport to Italy.
Not a long tow, nor one that would normally require the use of a tug of this size. The weather conditions on the Patagonia coast justified the use of WW, however.

The Master on WW was Capt. Jack Golden, famous from his many years with United Towage.
His favourit saying was; “let’s see which way the cat jumps”, which he got ample opportunities to use on that tow. (But that is a long and different story)


A look ahead:

The latest edition of the “Tug Bible” is now available:

Here is why it is still important:

Boskalis sister tugs BOKA EXPEDITION and BOKA SHERPA enroute Dalian with the BW MAROMBA (ex FPSO Polva) transited the Singapore Strait with a speed of 7.7 knots.
Photos: Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora ©

The Damen Song Cam yard (Vietnam) built ASD 2813 ENGAGE RENEGADE navigating the port of Sydney
Photo: Cor Vermeer ©

Electric tug for LA/LB Ports?:

PS> Electric tugs are not new anymore, several are already in service and more under construction.

Retired former Capt Kees Pronk watching the AHT ALP STRIKER under command of his son Kees Pronk Jr arriving inRotterdam.

Capt. Kees Pronk is well known in salvage and ocean towing circles around the world.
He is still active, but now as the author of books about towing and salvage:


Erin Elizabeth new on the Hudson. Big beautiful push boat.

Crowley is doing sea trials on an all electric tug.

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More photos of the ICONIC 09:

The former SA AMANDLA in process of scrapping at the beach of Alang – India
Photo: Unknown Author

Just to remember what she looked like in her prime (actually the sistership, the WW):

Broadside watercolor 39 x 71,2 cm. painting by Willem Johan Hoendervanger of the WOLRAAD WOLTEMADE
Contact Willem Johan for more info via: www.oceanlinerart.com

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Final installment on the Icon C / John Ross saga:

Source: Shipwrights and Boatbuilders Australia Group (Sabaus) | I have been thinking and rethinking whether to make this post | Facebook


The ALP KEEPER arrived at Batu Ampar from Owenda (Indonesia) with the 2007 built Trans Shipment Vessel BULK CELEBES. Photo: Jan Willem Monster ©


Bulk Celebes: