What's going on in the GOM with NATE?

Anyone here in or near at the forecast track of Nate? What’s going on?

Supply boats in fourchon are putting out twice as many lines as usual. Also all Chouest crew boats are taking shelter side by side inside the slips at the different C-port facilities. Been raining all night and current winds 10-15 ENE. Nothing substantial.

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@fredwx Did an update on his blog yesterday afternoon.

Cloudy skies in Mobile…

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Most mariners know about the Beaufort Wind Scale. Fewer know about the Beaufort Weather Codes :

Mobile is “u: Ugly Threatening Sky”


I will keep y’all updated but I predict 100% chance my forecasting abilities will deteriorate with the wx.


that ain’t an ugly threatening sky…this is an ugly threatening sky

Godspeed Fraq!!

lightweight…you should be drinking this by the case

makes an awesome cocktail when cut with Everclear

if that’s a bit rough for you then I recommend this liquor

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Oh we got some just not the potent stuff but it works good enough.


At noon in Port fourchon, 25+ knot winds ENE with heavy rain.

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I live 5 miles south of the airport we just got the first feeder band.


It ain’t a party before the scotch is in your system.

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It went to shit pretty quick.

1800 beautiful here no rain in sight. Barometer down to 1023 from the usual 1033 or so. Winds have shifted North 15-20 knots.

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Those must have been the drinks of choice in those Seattle waterfront dive bars you talk of so much!

When I got done grilling there was plenty of light out and no rain. Ten minutes later it was dark as the night and pouring down.

The Bama game was closer than I’d like so I switched to something with a little more kick.

2200 it’s North of Fourchon now. No rain, barometer back up to 1025. Winds WNW 15-20. Nice night.

I needed some of that shine in the 3rd quarter.

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