North Pacific Hurricane Winds


Intense stormtracks have been prevailing across the North Pacific over the past several days producing widespread heavy weather that is likely adversely affecting the shipping lanes and causing weather delays. One track originates north of Hokkaido and extends ENE across the Aleutians into Alaska. A second track begins east of Japan ENE to near 40N at 180 then northeastward into the Gulf of Alaska. Seveal of the storms have produced winds and seas to hurricane force.

Storm Tracks

Current Map


Update: [B]North Pacific Extratropical Hurricane [/B]

As one storm moves northward towards the Aleutians, yet another developing low east of Japan will intensify into an extratropical storm with hurricane force winds expected as high as 75kts and seas to over 40 ft in the Central North Pacific by by December 5th. Both the GFS and Navy NOGAPS models are forecasting a min pressure around 942mb!

Ship traffic westbound in the North Pacific will likely require routes either northward via the Bering Sea or southward of 30N latitude.

[B]Current Map [/B]

[B]48HR Forecast Map[/B]


Friday PM Update
Latest data suggests to 80Kts with sea/swell to 16M (52ft) possible