What's going on in the GOM with NATE?



There are no 51 mph winds at my house, the trees are barely swaying. Jim Cantore is down at the beach selling it like Katrina just made landfall.


Same hear, it’s supposed to pick up at 01;30. It looks pretty bad on Orange Beach. I was in Biloxi this morning and the weather was beautiful. It looks like it sucks over there now.

My truck was at HOS Port. ANY storm surge?

The port looks really good, at least from what I can see. No damage from what I’ve heard and no flooding. Made a few calls around midnight. Looks like the worst we had was just some heavy rain in the afternoon.

Well, I guess I still don’t have a good excuse for a new truck. Wife says no, but Nate had a chance to say yes. Anyway, better this way…We do not need ANY impact on Port Fourchon…Not good for anybody.

No not at all. Things seem to have actually picked up a little. There seems to be more boat traffic lately and several boats have been pulled out of stack over the last two months. Also companies are hiring and from what I hear, an additional nine rigs will be working in the gulf for 2018. Not saying it’s great but, it looks like the end of this downturn is in sight.

Remnants of Nate in S. Maine this a.m., light rain, no wind. Forecast for showers, possible thunderstorms. 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain expected

At least Fourchon weathered the storm, could have been far worse…