Tropical Storm Karen

This one is headed for the Gulf coast, although will likely not strengthen beyond a Cat 1 hurricane or tropical storm by landfall. The NWS has essential staff working so you can observe the progress of the storm and plan accordingly. Fredwx will probably post something on this soon.

Be safe out there.

You guys in the GoM need to keep an eye on this. 70+ prior to landfall.

Button up and keep safe.

Just a little rain and wind, nothing much to worry about.

I hope it’s not much…we’re stuck out here escorting our drillship…-.

AIS in Fourchon is showing 415 vessels. If she strengthens and does not turn, There is going to be a mess here.

[QUOTE=ChiefRob;121893]Just a little rain and wind, nothing much to worry about.[/QUOTE]

It’s encountering shear, which will likely keep it from building up a head of steam. Will make a mess. I was underway in Andrea earlier this year. It was a pain in the arse trying to sleep, with the way the bunks were arranged.

You guys should give a tip of the hat to the National Weather Service- they are working sans pay. :slight_smile:

My car is sitting in Port Fourchon and I’m over in Cameron. Think I should hire a rollback to go get it or we going to be OK?

You wont need to do that. Wind shear is knocking it down in strength & further to the east. Fourchon should be just fine. Hopefully cause I’m ridin it out here! :wink:

Thanks, I was so busy playing angry birds I missed this entirely

[QUOTE=Traitor Yankee;121951]Thanks, I was so busy playing angry birds I missed this entirely[/QUOTE]

What, you haven’t tried Candy Crush, yet?


What, you haven’t tried Candy Crush, yet?[/QUOTE]

Damn candy crush. Makes your offtime go quickly.

Do me a favor and keep me posted on the water levels. Greatly appreciated

Chilling in fourchon ready to take on karen… yall be safe… its packed with boats in here hope it dont do something bad. Cause we all will have something on our hands…

Water levels are normal. About a foot below the pipe.

Partly cloudy with a nice breeze. Humid as hell though.