Port Fourchon Hurricane Damage

A couple of my coworkers who do Facebook had some gruesome photos of the damage at Port Fourchon. I’m surprised no one started a thread on it yet? Who has good pics? I seen one with 1 of the C-Ports nearly at a total loss. A lot of that port was built when the price of oil was near or in the $100’s without so many electric cars around when green energy wasn’t on the front page everyday like it is now. I wonder if investors & owners of the damaged properties will bank the insurance money or rebuild to have it ready to set empty in time for the next oil crunch?


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Wonder which port all the monster OSVs will run out of in the meantime?

Do the hybrid vessels have other places to juice up or was Fourchon the only place in the GoM?

How are the roads, bridges, power lines, etc leading to Fourchon?

I wonder how much sunken stuff is in the channels and berths.

That looks more like a few weeks instead of a few days to get the Port up and running again.

Any boats lost or grounded inland up in the pucker brush?

Look close in the lower left of the pic of the Chouest dry dock…they didn’t start the storm on the north side of Flotation…


They charge batteries when running generators on light load. (AKA surplus power)

I was wondering that too. Houston? Mobile? Lake Charles?

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There’s not as much talk about the storm and it’s effect on the maritime industry on here as I would have thought either.

One of the other non-maritime forums I’m on has much more talk about it.

Forum name please

Bad, still impassable this morning, no running potable water. Heard the harbor master or whatever his title is this morning on the radio.


Or Galveston, Cameron, Intracoastal, Morgan City.

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Most of the OSV fleet is at the anchorage in Galveston. We honestly have no idea what’s next.

Would imagine Cameron and Theodore will become the main places we will work out of till they clear Fourchon. Galveson would be a good place also, but since the pilots convinced the government that any vessel over 100grt or 500gt is to dangerous to let navigate up the channel with out one of them on board that’s a non starter. Cat island pass to Houma and I imagine the Atchafalaya river up to a Morgan City need to be surveyed before we can run in and out of them. Not that the any boat over 11ft could go up cat island pass before the storm.

We where already gearing up for another oil boom, and dealing with a sever man shortage. This will just kick it up another notch.


He may have been referring to the LNG fueled vessels that use the Harvey Gulf LNG bunkering facility in Slip B, Flotation Canal.


I took Hybrid to refer to this: (??)

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Thanks, I didn’t know where it was located but that is exactly what I was referring to. I was wondering if those LNG osv’s can load anywhere with trucks or does USCG/federal/state officials require them to load at terminals that meet certain guidelines? If the later, good thing they can run off of diesel as well because it could be a while before Fourchon is back to full capacity.

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Considering that IDA was almost at category 5 when made landfall and that Port Fourchon took a direct hit, I am surprised at the damage is only limited to what it is. I really expected to see vessels rolled over at their berths and the large C-Port buildings simply vanished.

I figured they’ll have the port fully restored inside of a year provided that the causeway didn’t get destroyed over a long length of it.