Noble Globetrotter II - Stuck in Hurricane Ida

From here Noble rig rides out Gulf of Mexico hurricane

The vessel maintained stability during Hurricane Ida, in the Gulf of Mexico, and is operating on its own power. It also has functional marine and safety systems, Noble reported.

Reminds me of this quote:

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”

― Aaron Levenstein


An early first chuckle. That’s a quote I will remember and possibly repeat.

LMRP makes an expensive sea anchor.


News article states the Noble rig rode out the storm and was trashed…HOS Achiever and one of the 1st gen MPSVs (Strongline or Centerline) are in the image Flotation all tangled together and we heard only 2 crew were aboard each boat…how the (bleep) did shoreside not get the people out or crew up and moving in time?


Apparently that hurricane sneaked up on Shell and Noble. You’d think someone would have seen it coming on the Weather Channel or something…


Might have to do with the location of one’s ass. Having your ass planted in a chair in an office looking at a computer screen vs having your ass out on the rig in the shit.


Might also have to do with the fact that just about every company in the GOM is struggling with manning right now… not enough bodies to go around after the mass layoffs of 2014, and day rates haven’t recovered to attract people back (or bring in new blood). Hell, AMO/SIU sweetheart contracts pay more than most of the companies now.

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Just like offshore, most of the onshore employees who cared or had any clue about maritime operations at Noble are gone. Add in the inept shoreside personnel from Pacific Drilling and you have a recipe for disaster.

Will the Rocket Scientist Managers who decided to stay lashed and keep people in harms way lose their job?? Just asking!

I hear you. We are struggling to find ppl up here, too.

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Don’t just blame Noble but Shell as well. I’ve been there and the operator really is the one to make the decision to unlatch and get out of the path. I don’t think anybody has ever seen an operator say they want to go but the rig management say they want to stay.


Came across some recent footage onboard.

(2 Links, same video)

Facebook Video from Live Storm Chaser Page

YouTube Video from Live Storm Chaser Page

Oh, fornication…not good

Coast Guard responds to Noble Globetrotter II near Grand Isle, La.

NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard responds Wednesday to a vessel that reportedly sustained damage during Hurricane Ida.

During the storm, we received a report that the vessel had sustained damage. Members of the Coast Guard’s Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf division have been in contact with both the master of the Noble Globetrotter II and Noble Corporation since Sunday to determine the extent of any damage, and to ensure that the crew’s lifesaving equipment is functional and available in the event of an emergency.

Throughout all of the communications between the U.S. licensed master of the vessel and the Coast Guard, the master has maintained that the vessel was not in distress and not actively taking on water. Information released on social media, reportedly from the crew of the Noble Globetrotter II, indicates potential issues with safety, including possible damage to the hull.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Coast Guard launched a helicopter aircrew from Air Station New Orleans to conduct an overflight of the vessel and has diverted the Coast Guard Cutter Venturous to the scene.

The vessel and the company are developing a plan to bring the vessel into port for repairs. The Coast Guard will maintain communications with the master of the vessel until it arrives in port.

The vessel and crew are currently located 80 nautical miles south, southeast of Grand Isle, La., in the Gulf of Mexico.


This is from the FB video posted by @Bayrunner. Neve been on a rig. What is being shown here? Where is the video taken?


I feel like that ship’s master is going to get loved tenderly by the CG very soon.

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At Noble is the master also the OIM? Curious


Can’t tell from the video if the hull has been breached, but clearly Noble’s social media policies have!! (and in this case thats probably a good thing)


Hoo hoo…the unseaworthiness Jones Act litigation coming from this one is going to make the storm which hut the DEEPWATER ASGARD look like a little rain squall. Noble better lawyer up big-time and get ready for the shit storm of being served with one law suit after another about to hit them with Category 6 force! So many, it will likely go class action and result in hundreds of millions to settle it all.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer corporation…