Port Fourchon Hurricane Damage


Or Galveston, Cameron, Intracoastal, Morgan City.

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Most of the OSV fleet is at the anchorage in Galveston. We honestly have no idea what’s next.

Would imagine Cameron and Theodore will become the main places we will work out of till they clear Fourchon. Galveson would be a good place also, but since the pilots convinced the government that any vessel over 100grt or 500gt is to dangerous to let navigate up the channel with out one of them on board that’s a non starter. Cat island pass to Houma and I imagine the Atchafalaya river up to a Morgan City need to be surveyed before we can run in and out of them. Not that the any boat over 11ft could go up cat island pass before the storm.

We where already gearing up for another oil boom, and dealing with a sever man shortage. This will just kick it up another notch.


He may have been referring to the LNG fueled vessels that use the Harvey Gulf LNG bunkering facility in Slip B, Flotation Canal.


I took Hybrid to refer to this: (??)

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Thanks, I didn’t know where it was located but that is exactly what I was referring to. I was wondering if those LNG osv’s can load anywhere with trucks or does USCG/federal/state officials require them to load at terminals that meet certain guidelines? If the later, good thing they can run off of diesel as well because it could be a while before Fourchon is back to full capacity.

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Considering that IDA was almost at category 5 when made landfall and that Port Fourchon took a direct hit, I am surprised at the damage is only limited to what it is. I really expected to see vessels rolled over at their berths and the large C-Port buildings simply vanished.

I figured they’ll have the port fully restored inside of a year provided that the causeway didn’t get destroyed over a long length of it.

Last year I called VTS Galveston and after confirming I was a supply boat he just said come on in. It’d be a nice change of scenery to work outa there for a bit.

Pilots have been calling OSVs all morning, starting to get groceries and make crewchanges.

The LNGs can load directly from trailers, I don’t know if you have to be a a fuel dock or any dock is OK.


Looks like the causeway is undamaged



I looked at the Lousiana traffic highway & accident webpage & it didn’t show any damage but it did say a flood gate bridge farther north that leads to Fourchon was still closed.

On this thread I read opinions from a few weeks to a year for it to be rebuilt but I am more curious as to why all of it should it be? I was under the impression the GoM oil patch had some upticks in '17, '19 & now but never fully recovered from the 2015 crash. Were all the docks spaces being utilized before the Hurricane Ida? There weren’t that many players who owned docks in Fourchon when I worked out of there & it would make sense to me to only rebuild enough to keep 80-90% utilization to keep rates & rent up compared to intentionally building a vast 2023 ghost town.


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I suspect Venice will be it for the big OSV’s
Cameron never recovered from Rita & Monkey island cut is to shallow
Icy for crew boats and utility boats only
Morgan City to shallow up to Eugene Island light infrastructure mainly gone in Morgan City 8 hour run in from the sea bouy
Houma irrigation ditch too shallow
Grand isle …… gone
Theodore and Galveston too far away
Sabine & Port Arthur no infrastructure and to far away
I imagine they’ll fix up Fourchon as it it the best location and with Edison Chouest bankrolling it it will happen pretty quick


I’ve seen some 265’s and below take Freshwater to Iberia recently. Say, a 5 ± hour run. But your right, they’re gonna have a “band aid” on Fourchon really fast just like after Gustav.

I really doubt Fourchon will be abandoned for another port. Temporarily, yes. Long term…No. Capdes 101 made some very good points.

Not to show too much shade but I have heard stories about the abilities of some of these OSV operators. Using DP to dock in PF, traffic jams in PF, ending up on the jetties, etc

Will there be issues with some of these types being able to actually run up a river or canal to get to somewhere other than Fourchon?

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Guess we will find out. If a huge swarm of those OSVs end up calling upon venice as a port, that will definately create a cluster fuck added to the ship traffic and the anchorages on the river i would think.

Meh, we’ll be ok. Keep it “in the middle”. Unless I unfortunately have to work out of Venice in which i’ll run outside the channel the whole way so I don’t have to talk to the pilots.

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I can see it now sideways in the Jump that DP 3 won’t save them now