Port Fourchon Erosion

FYI, the following article about beach erosion near Port Fouchon appeared on MSNBC.com Friday afternoon, 7/31:


Thought others might find it interesting, too.

Thanx for sharing that link. I had no idea it would’ve made news beyond local reporting.

Wow, talk about a ticking timebomb for a hurricane to come through and reak some real havoc! Good to know, thanks for sharing the link!

Bayou Lafouche is a pretty intersting waterway. The drive along the bayou up to Donaldsonville on Hwy 1 & 308 is worth the trip.

The bayou was completely dammed off at one time. Here’s some good background on the waterway we use heading into Port Fourchan:

Does anybody know how long it takes for the paul’s hall center to rotate students in?

My local paper just ran an article about how vulnerable Port Fourchon was to a hurricane.

It would be great if some new pilings could be put just north of C-Port 1 so that the terrible erosion of the bank could be stopped. However, no one cares.

Take a look at the link below to see the difference in the beachfront from the late 1800s. Pass Fourchon and Belle Pass went further out and Bay Marchand was an actual bay and not just a pond as it is now. With Bayou Lafourche being little more than a ditch since it is all but blocked from the Mississippi there is no sediment replenishing the Gulf erosion accelerating a problem that was happening even before there was a dam. It is going to take a lot of resources and constant maintenance to withstand a major hit. Even with storms passing by everything is under water. But there is a lot of money down there with the industry.

Louisiana’s Coast is a very low line area period. Coming into Eugine Island is bad too If your not careful your bound to run aground. Specially If your RAM,
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