Port Fourchon Storm

75mph wind gusts at Port Fourchon overnight caused bunch of boats to break free. Anyone have details?

I saw some video of some big ass Harvey boats included in the bunch.

I was awake and listening on vhf 13. I’m not using google to try and find answers.


What you saw was about the highlight of the drama as I heard it live on the radio. The shrimp boats were called in to harbor police on 13. Old fella that reported them wasn’t sure if they hit a pipeline that was in the vicinity of where one of them ended up. Guess not or it would be all over the news that there was a spill.

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A guy in Fourchon posted a video on FB of some Harvey boats that had broken free and were drifting. It looks like quite the squall that went through there.

Videos or Pics or it didn’t happen.

tisk, tisk…and to think they were going to allow these Bayoo yokels to work in Alaska


I was wondering what would happen if you put all of them out to sea in some massive winds…sheesh.

I can’t be certain but it is my understanding those Harvey boats are skeleton crewed. I believe most of the crew is on daywork and everyone was sleeping at 0030 when this blew through. From what I was hearing on 13 it sounded like they drifted for a minute before thrusters could be put online. Maybe someone else could chime in to verify or clarify. I also heard the guy up at Bollinger asking someone to let him know if the drydock busted loose. It was real bad for an hour or so then it slacked off. That lightning strike is right near the vicinity of where the Harvey boats were at. I have video but I’m not getting fired for posting it.