Hurricane Harvey Thread?

Aransas Pass Harbor Park webcam

20 foot waves in the Gulf of Mexico

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Periscope Live now - Storm Chaser - 110 - 135 mph winds or so? Power out - Debris flying. Almost 27k people watching this now. 9:33 pm EST

Rumor is several tow boats have already gone down. SAR going on.

Yeah I heard sever guys stranded on barges , broken away from tugs, coast guard unable to assist , hope every is safe and makes it out

Coast Guard rescues 12 from offshore supply ship near Port Mansfield

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What’s exceptionally rare about Harvey is that this storm surge will combine with a stalling storm and tremendous rainfall, which will generate catastrophic flooding.

At least 2 and maybe 3 Higman boats sank. Last I heard crews were on the barges and safe…at least as safe as you can be on an inland barge.

I’m hearing that Signet had some issues with a couple of boats near Harbor Island overnight. Not a lot of details, but Signet Arcturus and Signet Enterprise and possibly one other boat may have been abandoned. I’m told the crews made it off safely. Fingers crossed.

Local news in Corpus just reported that Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi is responding to maydays from the tugs Belle Chase, Sandy Point and Sabine Pass. Launching helicopters. All three are pushboats, I believe.

I watched one go by on the Port Aransas YT feed as the storm was coming in. I couldn’t believe it.

Why am I not surprised that boats and barges were not sent out of town and away from the storm?

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They were expecting a kinder, gentler hurricane. Maybe they still should have left, but Harvey strengthened quickly, and considering the forecast, where would you have sent them?

Big Foot was sitting at Kiewit in Ingleside, did it survive ?

Somewhere more protected than the Lydia Ann channel.

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Was gonna say, anywhere is better than an exposed channel, right on the coast, in or directly adjacent to the landfall zone! Who the hell thought that would be safe???


The crew is safe. Story is they were pushing on a drillship and the ship broke loose and pinned them in between the rigs and the ship. That’s a fairly new boat too I think.


That’s why you fellows make the big bucks.

I’m fairly certain that the Enterprise was one of the older boats.

Built in 1999 according to marinetraffic

Yeah, that’s old by Signet standards.