Broken Tow in the GOM

Just heard a rumor that there is a barge loose in the Gulf of Mexico. Any truth to it?

Yes…I heard the coast guard warning for it this morning when up in the wheelhouse…I didn’t pay much attention to it so I don’t have details.

Wouldn’t surprise me, its nasty out here.

I believe it’s a lift barge from what I’ve been hearing on the company set radio

[QUOTE=justaboatdriver;100769]I believe it’s a lift barge from what I’ve been hearing on the company set radio[/QUOTE]


Vermillion 65 I think was around where they were talking.

Oh. Now THAT is interesting. . . .

Unrelated but related… This was sent anonymously

Lift boat Louie Eymard

23 ppl evac from lift boat off of Freshwater City, la.

That’ll buff out

What the heck happened?!

What the hell has my dad gotten himself into this time…

That’s an Abdon boat. He’s been working over that way, and he’s picked up two maydays in the last year with guys in the water or seconds away from it.
He showed me a video of them getting guys off a sportfisher that was taking on water in rough seas, as the last guy is jumping on board the side of the boat just crunches the stern of the sport fisher. Needless to say mixing wood and fiberglass with steel is not going to end well.

So why did this happen? Was the rig not able to jack up in time to avoid the seas?

Dude that jack up is already swamped the water is already over the rig floor, it ain’t coming up for a long time.

I don’t really know if he was involved with this, just the first thing that popped into my head.

[QUOTE=Mikey;100794]Unrelated but related… This was sent anonymously

Sometimes it is better to say, “Not only NO, but F*** NO!”

thats a hercules offshore drilling rig it was being towed to galveston for scrap and it sunk on the way over there. the captain on the tug noticed it was sinking and headed for shallow water before it finally sunk in about 25 ft of water

Any updates on this situation? What happened or anything?