Crosby Tugs

Does anyone here have any experience/opinions on working for Crosby, I did a search and there wasn’t a whole lot that came up. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

Its seems like they’ve got a pretty decent sized fleet, can anyone chime in about what kind of condition its all in? Anyone have a ballpark on day rates, benefits, schedule, etc for wheelhouse guys?


I heard they stacked 27 boats last week, and plan on 8 more in the near future. Lots of their tugs are always tied up in Fourchon and Houma. I know they bought one of Otto Candies big ass tugs, but with not many rig moves happening these days, they may be in a bad spot. I’ve seen some of their smaller tugs pushing barges up past Bayou Lafourche lately, but if 27 boats got stacked, they are going to have an abundance of people even if they lay off.

The Crosby tugs I’ve seen in Mexico always looked freshly painted and clean=LOTS o dock time, not so much time dragging on something. That was about two years ago…