Hornbeck Tugs

Anyone wish to chime in about Hornbeck Offshore Tugs. Not the OSVs

What kind of work are they doing

Watch rotation? Three man or two man bridge rotation?

Anyword on how they are doing on filling the bridge officer slots, All filed up, or are they looking for new hires?

Anything special to consider?

Feel free to send me a private message, if you are more comfortable with that.



I’m pretty sure they only move oil barges and they won’t do a 3man wheelhouse unless they are forced to

They don’t seen to be super busy these days either. Know a guy or two went there capt from Bouchard but haven’t hear much otherwise

I know of people going there and coming back. I know their captain pay is 100 dollars under Bouchards captain pay but I don’t know that number

And I see them weather bound in Corpus all the time

I think they have a few stacked in Larose

I was told they are about to sell 2 of the stacked ones. Haven’t heard for sure though.

looks like one is for sale on marcon