Any good leads?

27 year old AB unlimited w/RFPNW 5/years expy on tug/barge on the cusp of getting my license, looking for a good place to advance with training assistance. Stuck in a doldrum at my current company and need out ASAP. If anyone has any “insider” knowledge of who’s hiring I would greatly appreciate it. Looking for a LONG TERM career, I hate change but this place blows.

Check with Hornbeck. They have a large new build program and need good, professional crews.

Consider Bouchard, Obviously all the rumors about them are true but use them for what it’s worth. It is a great place to advance. They have a mate training program once you get the license. They also have second mate positions in the gulf, which is a great way to break into the wheelhouse.

Thank you sirs, I’ve got active applications w/ both of those companies already. So maybe something will bubble up.