Hornbeck offshore

anyone have info on hornbeck tugs…schedule,wages for capt and mate,etc thanks in advance

3/3 rotation.

My wage info is a couple years old. I know they used to pay well for capt and mate. they have a form they fill out during your interview. the more boxes they check off, the higher your pay is. EG. A 1600 ton mates license is worth more than a 500. oceans is worth more than NC. Military time is worth more. certificates of completion from… almost anything is worth more. gmdss is worth more.

Sounds pretty cheesy, but they are simply encouraging and rewarding sailors who have taken the time to advance themselves in ways that are professional.

However, if you have a Master of Towing and you either look at, or are familiar with Hornbeck you may notice something odd about their fleet.

In this day and age, with their whole fleet being double hulled there isn’t an ATB in the fleet. I know they have had trouble keeping contracts because they go weatherbound so much (compared to ATBs) and what does that say about the general planning from the management perspective?

You may just want a job, but be wary about where you go for it. Don’t just look for a paycheck, look where you’re going.

One of my Mates went there. One story he related to me was, after he was promoted to Captain, he had to beg for a replacement VHF for the Upper wheelhouse. He never received one. He had to unclip the one from the lower and carry it up and plug it in up top, so he could have two VHFs while navigating! pretty cheap ya think. He quit soon after.

thanks for the info cappy

Any info on the “training mate” position they have listed on their website? I have been looking for an AB position, but would fit the criteria for this. This is basically what I’m looking for. I have enough time for a 1600 ton but need the cash to take the classes, and towing time. I tried to apply yesterday, but as I submitted of course the website crashed…just wondering if it’s worth the time to fill it out again. Thanks.

I think the training mate position is for OSVs not tugs. If it is for OSVs I would say go for it. They say they will get you your DP which is very valuable…

DP is definitely good to have, got mine recently. If I go to drill ships or semis it is a huge pay raise but I am having too much fun driving and not ready for the Golden Prison yet.

If you are looking for info about DP, go to the Dynamic Positioning link because I guarantee u ALL the questions about it reside there and have been answered more than once by people with larger brains or more working brain cells than mine.

Im thinking about applying for that OSV trainee spot as well. Im just not sure if I want to make the jump from tugs to OSVs when im so close to getting a permanent mates spot. I wouldnt mind working in Brazil either…

They will not send you to brazil until you are able to run your own watch. In Brazil only masters,mates, and engineers that are fully trained and can run their own watches are americans and the rest of the crew are brazilians. So if you get hired on with Hornbeck you will be in the GoM working out of most likely Fourchon like the rest of us. Once you can run your own watch you will probably be sent to Brazil which isnʻt bad because it is a 10% pay raise and travel is paid door to door…