Opinions on working as mate for Hornbeck. Tugs or OSV. Pay,treatment, live aboard con

Anyone currently working at Hornbeck that can give me some accurate feedback on pay, treatment, live aboard conditions on both Tugs and OSV’s would be appreciated. I have been offered a mates position on both sides. THANKS in advance!

What do you hold for licenses?

[QUOTE=Towboy;57145]What do you hold for licenses?[/QUOTE]

I have a 1600 ton Oceans/ towing/ GMDSS, yada yada yada…I do not have DP but looking to get it. Hornbeck said they could help with that…

Have had several previous shipmates go to the tug division. ALL are either dissatisfied, or gone. The promises didn’t add up to the hype.

BUT, I have heard good things about the OSV side. But, that depends upon the oil patch, economy, and OPEC. If you are getting help to get a DP, I would take advantage of that. In this economy, the more certs you have, the better YOU are. And if they’re gonna help pay, all the better.

Thanks Cappy. I have heard similar, but also that the tug side had learned some lessons as the tugs carried the OSV’s during the drilling moritorium . I think they realize the value of not having all their eggs in one basket. I am curious to hear from someone who may work there now so see if things have changed. Just like humans do, companies have to adapt and change to survive. I have never worked on OSV’s, but It would have to be easier than offshore tugs/barges. Much better ride, better living conditions, better handling…so I am thinking about it. I also agree with broadening the scope of my experience/certs and would like to try something new.

As Cappy pointed out, you get get that DP certificate under your belt and go from there. The thing I heard was that last year around Christmas time when things got slow, they laid off about 300 people.

Good advise! anyone know what their veesels are like? conditions…

I’m biased, but look into ECO. They have an in-house DP school. They now require a promissory note to take it, but so what, if you get you DP cert and then a better opportunity comes up pay the 3 grand and jam.

I am currently employed there. Spent 4 years with SIU, 11 years with Turdwater , 5 with HOS I am happy I made the jump. Don’t get me wrong I’m not drinking the kool-aid. All company’s have their pros and cons. For me the pros out weighed the cons at Hornbeck. I looked around at all of the other company’s did some phone interviews. The benefits in the compensation package are what sold me. I work the OSV side so I can’t speak for conditions on the tugs. Vessels are nice and well maintained inside and out. One thing I like is when you go to dry dock they actually clean the A/C ductwork. Spending years on 20 year old Turdwater boats made me fear catching legionnaires disease. The state rooms are roomy usually with your own attached head. If you have a company cook onboard food is good. Some vessels have cooks from a catering company and those guys are hit or miss. As far as management I have had no problems and have been treated with respect during my time there. Another good thing is every year officers get together for an annual training at the corporate offices. At this meeting you get direct contact with Todd Hornbeck and the entire corporate staff. You can ask the man a question and have him answer to you directly. This goes for all upper management people they will all be there to answer any questions or address your concerns. I know I sound like a cheerleader but I’m happy there. It is true people were laid off mostly ratings and Jr officers. Many were hired back some weren’t . This is an unfortunate side of this cyclical business and happens every so often. I have been doing this 20 years and have been caught up in it a few times myself. Hope this helps you make a decision.

Fraqrat…Thank you very much for the nice reply. That is exactly what I was looking for! I know all companies are not perfect and I dont expect them to be. I just want to make a good living and be comfortable while learning and and building skills. I hear good things on the OSV side and would love to try it. I think it would not be too difficult to transition from tugs/barges to OSV’s. I hear they handle like a dream…much easier than a tug with a 500 ft barge. I just have become tired of always getting beat to death on the tugs. I have a meeting set up in Covington friday morning to discuss possibilities. Do you guys seem to keep busy? If you dont mind me asking, what pay should I expect as a mate on a 200,220 or 240 ft OSV. Please send me a private message with answer if you choose to do so. Thanks for your time!!