Any current employees with hornbeck lurking here? I recently got contacted out of the blue, and the offer made be do a double take. Would love to hear the pros and cons of how they are doing these days.

I know, and am aware of the ‘regular/conventional’ concerns of the OSV world, so any insight to their current status would be great. Feel free to PM me if you prefer and thanks!


All I can say we are hiring and getting more people onboard, as more vessels are coming online.

At what wages though?? 401 k?

Good question Ctony.

It will all depend on what credentials you have and yes we have a 401k. If you are interested in joining let me know, I’ll show you the way.

Only interested if day rates are known for U/L Licenses on the Deck side.

But are they matching at all on 401k? I’m with another OSV company on the bayou, and we just got holiday pay back, but no match on the 401k yet.

Hoping that comes soon, but the boat crews from the bayou that are close to the office and vocal don’t seem to value putting away for retirement tax free as much as some of us do.


I do not have knowledge of what is the pay for U/L, just give the office a call. I’m sure they will answer.

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3% matching on the 401k. Feel free to call the office for more details. Tell them I sent you.

Bullshit until you make the call.

Read, get a referral bonus…more power to ya


Yep both get money and help each other out. So if you interested let me know. It’s a faster route for someone to get hired.

So you are calling what I said BS?

Not at all sir. Untill you make the call to whatever company you are interested in and find out for yourself, it is bullshit until then. I never went on hearsay, made the call to confirm better opportunities or pay… Was offered many potential jobs in the oilfield, after the numerous calls, confirmed the reason to stay where I was at. Stability was key in my decisions. Happily retired with a decent union pension.

Wish we had a pension in the GOM. :thinking:

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Is Hornbeck hiring Masters and Mates without DP?

Yes officers without DP either get in as AB or what HOS calls a Cargo Mate. Once you get all your DP stuff then you you’ll move up, also feel free to call HR.

Understood, no problem.

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Union and Govt are the ones left with that option.

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Verified 3% match on the 401k. My old shipmate says they got a 20% raise across the board last month too.