I have used the search feature and didn’t find a whole lot on my question.

How is it working for hornbeck?

I know all companies have pros and cons. I’m fairly happy where I’m at. They have a training mate position on thier site for 100 ton guys. Was considering this to upgrade.

Anyone have any info on this position?

Any help is appreciated.


I used the search and found:

Not sure on specific info for the 100 ton jobs but if you spend 10-15 hours on gcaptain searching through threads Im sure you can find a lot of info

There are a bunch of 3rd Mates and 1600 Mates sailing as Ab’s. So I guess you can get in line Reminds me of when the Army told people that they would make them pilots, but they had to start off fueling aircraft first. Years later they were still fueling aircraft. Hornbeck is a great company to work for, but watch for the false promises

I wanna know the real particulars, cost of medical, actual travel package. Employees always wanna disclose more than the office. A trip to fouchon is looking better and better. Whats life like for assistant engineers? On the large OSVs, ?

Guess you haven’t heard…round here vague is the M.O. On pay and beni’s. Part of that reason is pay isn’t universal across the board. Guys with time in are going to make more than new hires, some new hires might start higher than others based on qualification or maybe the HR guy thought they were the bee’s knees in the interview. Talking pay too specifically is a sure way to ruffle someone feathers aboard…my pay is my business and if I’m good with the deal I’ve made then it’s really not my business what others are making. That being said, most of us are playing ball in the same park.

Don’t expect travel to cover all your costs unless on a tug or overseas. Do expect to start a little low until you prove to be an asset to your company, lots of guys come and go. Don’t expect to be on one of the new large OSV’s - lots in line before you for new build spots.

As for HOS in particular, it is what you make of it. Lots of opportunity in the future, fairly straightforward payscale, comparable beni’s…you can be as happy there as anywhere else - or as miserable. They have been known to layoff in slow times but they(like most OSV companies) are publicly owned and have stockholders to answer to. I’d recommend getting through the interview process before getting all wrapped up in the details, those can be discussed at that time…

I’ve already put all this info out there and others who work here have also. Reading through the links a few posts up will give you all the answers. As far as pay I’ve also stated on the OSV side the template was simplified. The only difference between me and the next chief with same license and endorsements is longevity pay . The spread on that is $3-$24 a day depending on tenure with company. We all know what each other makes without having to discuss it. I have no idea what the 100 ton training mate program is for. Maybe they are willing to work you as an AB and help move you from there into a 1600/3000 license. The ATP program is to go from OS to mate and that program is up and running. We have two OS’s assigned to our vessel in the program.

What is the ATP about now?

Apprentice Training Program

This is a 4 year program that will take you from OS/wiper to Mate/Engineer. The company pays for the all the schools and training.

Is hornbeck the name I the school?

[QUOTE=drod2214;93658]Is hornbeck the name I the school?[/QUOTE]

Young feller you must be very green. Hornbeck is a company not a school.

Oh brother…

Does “hornbeck” pick up the associated crew change costs, such as the crews bar tab at dennys in nola @ 0300 ???

They give you travel pay on the check after your hitch ends. What you do with it is up to you after that. You wanna put it toward airfare or hotel or booze? Depending on which class you are attending while in ATP they will give you training day rate, pay for hotel or some combo there of.

I figured I could ask 1 dumb question a day, why not use it up. And I believe dennys is becoming an IHOP now, sad day.

HOS= Hornbeck Offshore School, right? RIGHT??!!!:stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes this is too much fun…but I’m easily entertained!

I thought HOS was Horny

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[QUOTE=Traitor Yankee;93729]Hot, Ovulating, Sluts ?[/QUOTE]

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I applied online yesterday. If I don’t receive any bites from it, I plan on donning a tuxedo or clown suit and knocking on their door!

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