Noble Globetrotter II - Stuck in Hurricane Ida

Word is that the Globetrotter II sustained damage to rig & BOP/Riser from Hurricane Ida.
Was working by Olympus platform and did not recover riser before Ida hit.

Unverified reports that the MARS platform is sinking. Anyone else hear this?

I saw that the Mars bad broken loose.

These oil patch managers seem to be slow learners.

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Mississippi Weather Network initially reported MARS platform adrift, but is now holding story for additional corroboration.

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Yea that’s where I saw it.

Shell Mars broke loose in Gulf as Ida moved through - Lafourche Gazette

3 hours ago — The Shell Mars Deepwater Oil Platform broke loose in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Ida passed by. Multiple reports confirmed the news …

I cannot download the full story as the Lafouche Gazette appears to be offline.

That link doesn’t work.

Local NOLA news reported that no federal agency or Shell could confirm that this has occurred. Shell reported that the platform was completely evacuated.

all personnel onboard the Pacific Sharav , Noble Globetrotter I , and Noble Globetrotter II ultra-deepwater drillships in the US Gulf of Mexico are safe and accounted for following Hurricane Ida. Each rig successfully secured its respective well in progress and took evasive actions to avoid the storm’s path.

Of the three, the Noble Globetrotter II is the only vessel that encountered hurricane-force conditions. The vessel maintained stability throughout the weather event and is operating on its own power with functional marine and safety systems.


Sounds like she’s floating. Statement neglects to mention subsea systems i.e riser and BOP….

Reported to be on location, but nobody has been onboard the platform(s), or even in the field(s) yet…
Condition of tethers, risers, umbilicals and subsea system can only be determined by close inspection.

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True. “Evasive action” could mean unlatch and pull while running…if that’s the case and they were that late then shame on them, especially after Deepwater Asgard last hurricane season.


I’ve heard all sorts from guys in the industry, ranging from lifeboats getting washed away, crane breaking out of its rest, void spaces and riser hold flooded, failed or lost thrusters, and several crew reported injured.

Some wild stories, whatever the case it seems pretty clear that she was severely beaten up maybe even close to sinking.

The Globetrotter I & II are contracted with shell for $275k/day. That’s the highest rate in their fleet, and a significant source of revenue.

If things are as bad as I’ve heard it could jeopardise the contract.

The statement is Noble trying to get out ahead with damage control…

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From here Noble rig rides out Gulf of Mexico hurricane

The vessel maintained stability during Hurricane Ida, in the Gulf of Mexico, and is operating on its own power. It also has functional marine and safety systems, Noble reported.

Reminds me of this quote:

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”

― Aaron Levenstein


An early first chuckle. That’s a quote I will remember and possibly repeat.

LMRP makes an expensive sea anchor.


News article states the Noble rig rode out the storm and was trashed…HOS Achiever and one of the 1st gen MPSVs (Strongline or Centerline) are in the image Flotation all tangled together and we heard only 2 crew were aboard each boat…how the (bleep) did shoreside not get the people out or crew up and moving in time?


Apparently that hurricane sneaked up on Shell and Noble. You’d think someone would have seen it coming on the Weather Channel or something…


Might have to do with the location of one’s ass. Having your ass planted in a chair in an office looking at a computer screen vs having your ass out on the rig in the shit.