Hi guys I have a question about noble drilling

Does the M/V Seillean always work in the Gulf Of Mexico?thanks:confused:

No, Seillean had been in Brazil for many years but was not on charter there at the time that DEEPWATER HORIZON occurred. She came to the GoM near the end of the blowout to be a storage vessel for recovered oil but was never used. Her charter with BP was for 90 days where she sat outside of Galveston until that ended. Since then, the vessel was gradually demanned and to my knowledge has been laid up in Violet, LA. Many of the people who were on the Seillean have been transferred to the other company drillships…mainly the BULLY I and II.

i just had a friend to get a job on this ship how long will it take to get from Violet, La to b brazil?

I did some checking and it appears that you might be correct that the vessel is returning to Brazil soon. SBM has looked at the ship for a 2yr+1 job for OGX. The deal hadn’t been inked yet but appears to be on track to happening.

Regarding steaming time to Brazil. I don’t know the vessel’s speed, but 2-3 weeks perhaps?

I envy your friend…If it’s going to Santos Basin, it will be around 5,300 miles, To Aracruz area 4,800 miles.
With 6 knots of speed, abt 34~37 days… Wish I can go there instead of joining 70k DWT Panamax Ocean Freighter.

when will they be heading out?