What do you want to see Trump do in Venezuela?


Can I fix this for you?

explain to you the complex and diverse reasons they have for signing up and how they’d rather that their lives and well-being be given sober consideration before their country commits them to conflict.


I’d like to know why defense contractors get blank checks while the broken grunts have to rely on charity to endure life after “service”.

If the government had to foot the bill to give the victims of our never ending wars some semblance of compensation I bet the protests would make the 1960s look tame.

Our youth is not providing “service”, they are being exploited as a financial resource in a giant jingoisitic ponzi scheme. We should all be ashamed.


Most of the victims are not Americans and not even combatants in any wars.
The victims of Agent Orange, Napalm and carpet bombing in Vietnam has received nothing, nor are they likely to do so in the future.


Is that the fault of the countries that produce the goods, or of the people that buys?
Actually it is nobody’s fault, it is just the way capitalism work; Traders buy where goods can be produced the cheapest and sell where you can get the best price.
The same apply to corn, soy and other agricultural products, or oil products. The US is competitive in those markets.


While true, that is far from my point about the domestic American military-industrial-political scam and the cash cows grazing on the broken bodies of our youth.


I agree, but just wanted to point out that the scam cost more than just broken bodied of American youths. In the countries where the wars are being waged it costs the lives of not only able bodies males, but both women, children and elders.

To save the Venezuelans by sending in the Marines, Amy, Navy and Air Force may not be the best way. Nor is starving them to death with sanctions that only hurts the masses, not the leaders and the rich. Bullying never solve anything.

Then the question is; what can be done?
I believe that negotiations on even footing is a better way. It appears that Maduro is willing to do so but the opposition is sceptical and feel they are getting the upper hand by mass protests. Assisting in starting a dialogue is where foreign countries can best help, not by starting a shooting war.
From W.P. today:


I was going to say I would be happy to see him do just about ANYTHING in Venezuela as long as he stays there.


Absolutely correct. So our choice is to lower our standard of living down to the places where these goods are made or attempt to (at least) maintain our standard of living by imposing barriers and restrictions on pure capitalism. Capitalism operates in the best interests of business and shareholders…elected officials SHOULD act in the best interests of the citizenry…OUR citizenry.

Of course with your standing as a globalist you don’t agree and I get that. By the way, I’m not sure you’ve ever said…do you have any children and/or grandchildren? I only ask because this globalist mentality whereby the high end countries are dragged down to the mean for the sake of raising the low end countries up to the mean is going to directly affect them…


Nothing, Venezuela is not a U.S. problem, not worth one penny of U.S. ax funds and not one drop of U.S. blood.

The U.S. has tolerated and even supported much worse thugs


I don’t believe it is necessary to hold back the development of any country to maintain the standard in other countries. A better way is to allow such countries to develop so that the become a bigger market for the products and services that the rich countries has to offer.

Yes I have three grown sons (+ a dozen or so "God Children"of different nationalities) but no grand children. (Yet)
If fact two of our sons are/have been professional soldiers in the Norwegian Army. They have served in Bosnia, Lebanon, Kosovo and many tours of duty in Afghanistan.
Both are still in the Security business; the oldest is Security Manager for an NGO in South Sudan at the moment, while the youngest has just quit his position as an Instructor in the Army. He is joining an American owned company that supplies drones for many different armies (incl. US Army) as an Instructor, travelling worldwide to train soldiers in the use of their drones. (Nano UAVs which is developed and produced in Norway)


What do I want to see Trump do in Venezuela?

Nothing. They’re a self-correcting problem. That country will collapse all on its own.


Things are already changing in Venezuela:

And if China feel safe their interests are secure and their loans honoured they may get behind the opposition leader as well:


they all ready do that!! (live in jungle with no internet)


Read the thread title.

Since “they” already do that then maybe “they” will find the Chunky Cheeto amusing when he floats gently down from the sky into the jungle, which is my answer to the question.


There is no reason why the Venezuelan people should be saddled with Maduro’s and Chavez’s debts and deals with China and Russia. To hell with them.


The last thing needed in Venezuela is US or any other foreign military intervention.
The place is already at risk of civil war with the two sides facing off in street demonstration:

Add some US Marines blasting away and this could get a lot uglier.
Trying to force democracy on people has never worked in the past. To try the same again is bound destabilise the region, add a few more millions to the refugee crisis and cost the lives of some US troops and thousands of innocent civilians in Venezuela.


Yeah, but that’s where the profits are.
Can anyone think of a single instance when the US pounded the war drums to “liberate” a country that didn’t have some resource that fattened the coffers of a major campaign contributor?
We have destroyed real democracies and shed barrels of blood in order to make sure those contributors maintained their profits.


We only need one Erling Riiser to solve the problem. Maybe Norway can send him over.


Grenada. Panama.


Grenada: https://www.globalpolicy.org/component/content/article/155/25966.html

Panama: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/panama-declares-independence