What do you want to see Trump do in Venezuela?


I say send in the Delta Force to seize the Caracas airport and then more troops to protect Guido and see is becomes the seated president of Venezuela. If not that, park an aircraft carrier battle group right offshore and start flying planes over the capitol at low altitudes with a strong message that unless Maduro steps aside quickly, he will be blown to little bits!

Time to use this massive military we have to some benefit.


Guido? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guido_(slang)
You wouldn’t be referring to Juan Guaidó would you?


Sounds like a good idea, but hasn’t something like this been tried a few times before, costing US tax payer $Trns. and accompliced nothing??


If Guiado, the legitimate President of Venezuela asks for US assistance, Maduro and his traitorous senior staff can be quickly taken out with drones and a few snipers. No need for massive military intervention

Putin has already flown in Russian private military contractors to protect Maduro, but he’s a big target that cannot hide the way Saddam did.

We need to act quickly before Russian troops arrive in Venezuela.


I think airdropping MREs, toilet paper, and basic toiletries with leaflets that said “Courtesy of your capitalist friends in the USA” would go a lot farther than military action would.

VZ is just another victim of Socialism.


Russia has strategic bombers stationed there already.


If I am not mistaken, one of the US hospital ships was nearby, offshore of Colombia offering medical assistance already. Guess those Cuban doctors aren’t all their are cracked up to be.


“What do you want to see Trump do in Venezuela?”

For the sake of decency I will limit my suggestions to: Go live deep in the jungle beyond reach of all internet connections, health care, and food - as soon as possible.


Time for the USofA to bomb someone, somewhere and I want to see that corrupt thug in Caracas be the recipient


does the USA need their oil, so just close of the funds for a few months.
The whole country is starving while the oil money is spent on the military.
who else is supporting Maduro?
The Chinese and Russians are owed money, they would be better of with a new president and a well run country

Where is the UN on all this?
I see the EU finally agreed Maduro must go


“What do you want to see Trump do in Venezuela?”

Parachute from Marine One into Parima Tapirapecó National Park with nothing but his POTUS suit.



What’s interesting is of the two self proclaimed socialists we have here one is advocating for war and the other is more interested in getting rid of the guy who is lowering unemployment, and helping to grow the economy.


Historicaly, any US involvement in south and central america destroyed any shred of democracy in that country and empowered brutal dictators.
He should stay out of it.


send a few aircraft carriers down there full of food and medicine, and let everyone know that they are full of those supplies and just waiting for ??


“… interested in getting rid of the guy who is lowering unemployment, and helping to grow the economy.”

Mussolini made the trains run on time and Germany had full employment from the late 1930s until 1945. The Black unemployment rate in the US in the 18th and early 19th century was about zero.


Let’s not forget how Iran became what is is today. For the historically challenged, look up what the CIA did to the only democracy in the Middle East in 1953.


It’s worth noting that Mussolini did not in fact make the trains run on time, he did however make many people believe he did.


Oh no, are you saying that was fake news?

Are you saying that a nation’s leader was making false and misleading statements to his worshipers?

But but but, they loved him, they cheered him, they followed him anywhere … until they didn’t.


So we can install our own corrupt thug? Just another war for Exxon-Mobil because if there was no oil nobody would care. Just like Syria, not worth our young people’s blood nor our treasure.

Sanction them and let the rest sort it out while creating new markets for our domestic oil exports.


Or how about using our own oil instead of exporting it to lessen our dependence on shthole countries and their unreliable supply of oil