What do you want to see Trump do in Venezuela?


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


OK we can offer Erling Riiser if you bring Rambo to the party.
(Both are about equally fictional)


Grenada and Panama. Aren’t those the last “wars” the USA “won” ? A trillion dollars a year being spent on offense and the USA hasn’t won a war since WW II. This would lead an objective person to conclude winning isn’t the goal, making money for contractors and rank for officers who eventually work for contractors seems to be the goal. However, the military lobbyists have done such a great job at PR that to even suggest we may be spending too much money on offense is traitorous.
Bring back the draft so all these zealots can properly serve their country or send their sons and daughter off to do so. No exemptions for bone spurs etc., you live in the USA you go in the military for a few years.


I guess if some outside power wanted to do something they’d try to stop Maduro enriching himself by trading oil, stealing the gold that is meant to back the currency, and possibly trafficking cocaine to pay debts, and curry favour. Its not so much a matter of what I’d like to see them do as it is a matter of what they seem to be doing all ready. I love a clever plan with a minimum of violence.


How about nothing and let them solve their own problems.

The US isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the world police.


no, but maybe we should all work together when we see something happen that could affect us all. Its not in our best interests to allow tonnes of gold, cocaine, and oil to leave a country and benefit one man who prolly aught to stand up in front of a court and be held accountable. Policing is the right word: the law should be upheld. Policing as a euphemism for war is what should be avoided. The American president seems to have threatened war if his political problems continue (classic). Rest of the world maybe aught to not let that happen; perhaps by handling things in a preemptive legal and peaceful way.


The moment Venezuelan soldiers work their way north up the Gulf or across the Rio Grande, I’d be the first calling for the leveling of Caracas.

Until then, not our problem at all. Calling for kinder, gentler intervention (or “police actions”) is warmongering by another name.


If we don’t help them now, they will come here as refugees and we’ll have to help them then at much greater cost.


Radical idea here:

Turn them away.


Why can’t the other countries in Latin America step up?

There are stable countries with prosperous economies, the same language, and same cultures.

Americans always get their dick hard about getting involved overseas unnecessarily thinking only Americans can save the planet.


Stability of countries is in everyone’s interests. The Northern Alliance vs the Taliban wasn’t our fight until it was.

Should the U.S. not have intervened in Kobani? I guess ISIS wasn’t crossing the Rio Grande, so they should’ve been left alone.

Imagine thinking that countries are somehow magically insulated from one another.

It’s pretty fucking dumb to be arguing about foreign policy on here though. Do I listen to the people at work? Fuck no, the anonymity of the forum is a shield for guys I would ignore on the boat.


seizing drug shipments, investigating financial crime and prosecuting human rights abuses does rather remind me of carpet bombing civilians with colourfully named teratogens. :roll_eyes: