What companies hire QMED/Oilers

I’ve been working as a QMED/Oiler for 6 months, not a crazy amount of time but for the last few years been working off of deck and into the engine room before I was credentialed. Anyways I’ve been on an OSV for 5 years and 2 years on tugs. Only tug company I know that didn’t just have 1 engineer was Bouchard and we all know how things are there. Anywhere else besides Bouchard or OSVs that have QMED/Oilers onboard?

The factory trawlers in Alaska do, as does Coastal Transportation, Uncruise does, but I’m not sure they’re sailing this year.

Frankly your best bets would be the Unions, SIU or MFOWW

MFOW requires a RFPEW to ship as an oiler and AS-E to ship as a QMED any rating

MFOWW doesn’t ship QMED-any rating, the ship wipers, oilers, junior engineers, refers and electricians also one pumpman’s job.
Most of the oiler’s jobs require MSC training and they do have some trouble filling refer and elctro billets

Every drillship I’ve worked on had QMEDs. They called them Motormen or Motor Operators but the credential requirement was for QMED/Oiler.

On LinkedIn in the last three days I’ve seen two postings for QMED positions, one with Fugro and one through PrimeOcean recruiting for a drillship.

Not a tug company but at MSRC, the assistant engineer can have a qmed-oiler with all the appropriate stcw endorsements.
Sause bros runs a two-man engine room, and the second spot can be a qmed.
Vane bros ATBs require an assistant engineer, but needs to be licensed. Qmed isnt sufficient.

I’ve heard andrie on the great lakes runs two-man engine rooms but am not sure if the second man has to be licensed.

Reinauer and Moran may have two man engine rooms too? Maybe just their atbs?

Lots of tug companies running one engineer and not requiring a license to sail as engineer. Having a qmed could give you a leg up over other applicants at those companies.

Thank you guys for the leads I will be putting out applications all around, the uncertainty and hoping the oilfield will even return to half of what it was is wearing thin and these leads will help me find what’s next for me thank you all very much