What are the Pros/Cons of each QMED endorsement?

I’m trying way out my options before I choose a route. All info is appreciated, thank you.

Most jobs I see are for QMED Oiler. But you should do QMED Any if you can.

Thanks for the reply. I’m planning on getting QMED next year so it’s good to know Oilers have the most jobs but I’ll shoot for any.

These are the ratings the training program I’m looking at have to offer: “Electrician; Oiler; Pumpman; Refrigerating Engineer; and Junior Engineer.” would junior engineer be considered any?

Any ratings means you have all of them. Get all the endorsements, then give the MFOWW a call.

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Qmed-electrician probably fetches the highest pay rates sailing deep sea i have heard.

Qmed-oiler is the most common rating and can fill most billet requirements on OSVs and such.