Im not sure where to post this question so Ill do it here, I am thinking about getting my QMED, trying to make myself more marketable, any thoughts? Are there jobs out there for QMED, i love being a Tankerman but really enjoy working down in “the hole” to. Any body know where a good school for it is? Thanks Gang.

[QUOTE=vicvanexel;46454]Training resources limited. In san Diego. If u r an SUP member they will pay for u. Check it out online.[/QUOTE]

SUP is deck. MFOW is engine.

BTW, I know a guy that has been on the beach for FOUR months trying to ship as an entry-level wiper with MFOW. He also has his MSC certs and still can’t get a job.

Tough question. I think you need time on a self propelled vessel. the Barge time don’t count.

You would likely need to go on deck on a tug and try to work your way into an ‘unlicensed engineer’ position. But the pay cut from PIC to deckhand would kill you! The time as deckhand, would let you sit for a qmed, then you could get hired in the hole. But a sea service letter as PIC of a barge will eliminate this possibility.

im used to sailing as ab/tank on the tug, standing engineroom watches underway, the past few months sailing on manned barges is new to me. i have asked around on the boats and and getting conflicting info, do you need qmed or dde to work chief on the tug?

[QUOTE=chgonyer;46524] do you need qmed or dde to work chief on the tug?[/QUOTE]

If the tug is UNDER 200 tons the engineer can be ‘unlicensed.’ And the time spent aboard is ‘usable’ as seatime to get a DDE or QMED. Or even a limited chief. However some companies will only hire engineers if they actually have some sort of endorsement. Few companies now will hire from outside if you don’t have some credentials. A few companies will promote from within, if they like you, and you have a good rapport with the port engineer.

thanks cappy, your always a wealth of knowledge. we need more guys like you out there spreading the word around to guys, im trying to get there like you are!

Thanks, but you don’t really want to be like me: In debt, fat, usually late, and always arguing with some moron (either in the office, or aboard!)