Coast Guard evaluation of Navy sea time?

Hoping someone can clarify what I’ve found. According to NMC’s Safety Manual Vol 3 Ch 2 my time in the navy as a Engineman 2nd class qualifes me for 100% QMED but doesnt say what QMED? Is this a Oiler, FWT, Any, or what? Also I went to Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration school, became the go to guy on board for it, and have been in that industry since getting out of the navy almost 3 years ago. Can I test for the Refrigerating engineer or can the evalutor give me this in my QMED because of my Navy documentation?

UPDATE: I just noticed on that Vol3 that there is two boxes for QMED: one says 100% and one says just QMED. Would that be QMED “Any” and “Oiler”?
Seems odd that an Engineman would be granted a “Any” withoout having something to show for the electrical part of it(something I had to learn quick in my transition to the civilian world) and vice versa for a Electrician not able to show mechanical exp, but if I’m reading that right thats what it says.

Also wanted to add as far as getting the Refrigerating engineer endorsemnet by the grace of an evaluator that has had a good morning that I do hold the proper EPA Universal license. Wouldnt that also be a requirement for the “Any” endorsement??

Oh, and one last query… Anyone know if I would have to sign any kind of long term contract or “enlistment” with MSC?

As far as you being an EN2 with AC&R school and lots of experience and Navy seatime you look to be sitting pretty for some level of QMED. I’m not a snipe so I don’t know the minutiae of test/no test etc. As far as MSC goes, it’s at will -NO Contract, you can leave whenever you like.

here is the “checklist” which forms the basis of how the NMC will “evaluate” your application for QMED…pay particular attention to CFR references:

**in addition suggest you reSEARCH and compile a data base of any additional applicable CFRs, NVICs, “policy letters”, etc.

**also don’t forget to consider the “STCW side”…meaning RFPEW??

have witnessed that most navy “sea time” typically comes under microscopic scrutiny by the NMC and that some amount of civilian sea time and/or training is usually required in order to advance beyond “entry level” of OS/Oiler/FH…good luck!!

After dealing with this licensing crap for months now I can see why you would be so ominous Seadog but Ch2 in Vol 3 of the safety manual spells out very specifically how the evalutor is supposed to calculate and credit my see time. It even gives examples and scenarios. I know according to thier own book they have to give me a QMED and at [I]least[/I] a year and half sea time. Thanks though for reading post

Call Norleen Schumer at (360) 769-0720. She is worth her weight in gold. Helped me alot with the application process.
I echo Seadog’s suggestion to check into the reqs for the RFPEW endorsement. Norleen will be able to give you a clear answer as top where you stand on all of this. To me you seem to be off to a great start. The refer on my last ship was most lotsa $$…

As far as the RFPEW goes as far as I can tell it just basically requires the sea time aboard a steam vessel of so many HP ect and I should have no problem with that since I did several deployments on the USS Duluth LPD-6 which was steam. The Rfpew is technically part of the STCW though (I think) and the only other thing I need for QMED as far as STCW is BST and supposedly I get credit for my basic training in the navy for the BST. The really should establish an undergaduate degree just to understand maritime licensing…

If I need to though I’ll go spend a few bucks and a week on getting the BST

[QUOTE=SailorDaniel;30329]supposedly I get credit for my basic training in the navy for the BST.[/QUOTE]

**interesting concept??

below is the link for the evaluation criteria for RFPEW:

**note the assessment section

Seadawg, I had that actually printed out already and after looking at the assement section I see where they [I]could[/I] try to argue that point but because every other part of the evalution for the qmed and such require them to forgoe the regular requirements when evaluating military service. Sounds confusing I know but for example: [I]Normally [/I]I would have to have sailed for 6 months while holding a wiper card in order to get my QMED according to the regulations but because it was military this requirement(on those same checklists) is waived. I guess its really gonna depend onif I get a decent evaluator who isnt a prick. I’ll keep my fingers crossed

Testing for Oiler QMED is a good move. Your QMED will be limited until you obtain your RFPEW. You will be able to work Inland jobs, probably many OSV jobs, and possibly several tugs (coastwise). Unlimited Ocean vessels require RFPEW. Getting signed off for these assessments is the tricky part, most ocean going vessels no longer carry Wipers.

RFPEW Assessments
Assessments 1-1A through 4-2B;
Note: Must be signed by an engineering officer holding a 2nd A/E Officer
endorsement or higher (C/E-Limited – OK) with an approved STCW-95 certificate.
NVIC 01-06
PL 14-02
enclosure (2) PQEB

With a QMED with RFPNW you should be able to ship out for a dayrate between $200 to $350 a day.
If you [U]Aggressively[/U] followed jobs posted on this site and at, you could expect two or three offers a month.

Basic Safety Training costs $1000 plus at most training schools. There are a few programs at community colleges which cost less.

Let the forum know what ports you live near. Opportunities vary by region. Good luck!

I really dont think they’re gonna care whether its signed be my Navy Cheng or a licensed 2nd. What Im saying is that there are a TON of different regs like the one you quoted above that get bypassed when evaluating a navy rating and sea transcript. If you read chapter 2 in Vol 3 of the safety manual you will understand. I REALLY hope I get the RFPEW with it. I qualify and have docs in every way with the exception of who its signed by. The coast gaurd gives prior Navy chengs, mpa’s, dca’s ect credit towards licensed positions so it should be equal. I dunno, maybe Im just being hard headed or not understanding something but Ive sure convinced myself

Oh, and I live on the West Coast. I would be willing to go wherever. Pipedream= Hawaii

The Coast Guard only recognizes a handful of Navy Training courses. Yes, you get credit for seatime. Will you be able to use Navy training for STCW? Probably not.
Check with Norleen or Chuck Kakuska (734) 847-1723 at Both are retired USCG REC staffers. Norleen from Seattle REC as civilian evaluator & Chuck as Commander of Toledo REC.

Just so you know, STCW requirements come from the IMO - International Maritime Organization, founded by the U.N. These training and assessment requirements have cost many U.S. mariners tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Because, these training requirements are the result of International Treaties designed to improve safety. The Coast Guard is charged with enforcing these regulations.
IMO & STCW regulations have limited impact on Domestic service (Inland & some Near Coastal routes). Obtaining QMED with RFPEW has become much more difficult in the last few years. Resulting in a Demand which equals More Money. If you can get a QMED limited to Domestic service then that’s a great start.

Pacific Northwest (Seattle) has the most opportunities for moving from Domestic to Ocean service. I live near San Francisco Bay and work out of New Orleans & Houston.

[QUOTE=SailorDaniel;30344]Seadawg, I see where they [I]could[/I] try to argue that point[/QUOTE]

really not trying to "rain on your parade here!!if the “they” to whom you are referring is the NMC…worst case scenario…the process transpires something like this…you make application>NMC makes evaluation/determination>NMC will note any deficiencies as further requirements on your part…as a norm there is usually limited intercourse between applicant and evaluator…any desire on your part to argue the point will be facilitated through the NMC’s “reconsideration” and “appeal” processes…reputively the time line for all of this thru the finalization of an appeal is currently 6-8 months…enough said…again good luck!!

Hey DP, Thanks for that lead. I contacted Chuck and he said that with the packages he’s seen go out they have haved mixed results as far as the RFPEW/RFPNW but if I make sure to send as much documentation I can as put “QMED/RFPEW” in the box that says what I’m applying for then I they are most likely to give it to me but he has seen them not give it. Just depends on how much documentation I provide but it is NOT uncommon for them to give me the RFPEW with the military rating I served in. He had just went throught the same with a deck guy that they did end up giving the RFPNW to. That guy Chuck is worth his weight in gold.

What years did you serve on active duty? There is an exemption of the rfpnw requirements if you served in the Navy at sea in a deck job btwn 1986 - 1991. Not sure if that applies to rfpew but it probably does.

I hope they give it to you but it is definetly not for sure, just ask Shellback. He was a Quartermaster and stood watch on the bridge and they didn’t give it to him. Needless to say he was very pissed off at NMC for that. It took him quite some time and work but he finally got the rfpnw endorsement.

I’d use NOAA as a last resort (I just passed on taking a job with them.) Check out the MFOW union. They just had a bunch of jobs on the board for wipers, refers and qmeds that they were having trouble filling. They were on MSC ships and the pay is lower so the senior guys don’t want the jobs. It still pays more than NOAA and you are getting seniority with the union which will lead to the high paying APL and Matson jobs…

You sound like a sharp guy and I think you’re gonna do great once you get past all the credentialing bull.

Good Luck!

Thanks Swo, ya I’ve actually done a lot of looking into noaa this weekend and even posted another thread on here about that recently and actually seems like they pay better. I just talked to the owner of Training Resources Limited (I think the largest provider of cg approved courses on the west coast)and he says he cant imagine they would give me the QMED without the RFPEW. I have all the required exp and time so it really shouldnt be a question and he said all the guys he’s seen do this lately have had no prob. He also cleared up by question about whether I get credit for BST from boot camp. Turns out, because my USN basic training covers all that is in the BST [I]except[/I] survival suits the CG has approved a course with him where I go pay $100 put on a suit and play in pool for an hour or so and turn in the certificate from that with my dd-214 and I get my BST! How awesome is that! Oh, and I wasnt in long ago enough for that grandfather thing. I serverd 2002-2006.

[QUOTE=Navy SWO;30370]What years did you serve on active duty? There is an exemption of the rfpnw requirements if you served in the Navy at sea in a deck job btwn 1986 - 1991. Not sure if that applies to rfpew but it probably does.

[B]Ya it sure does apply, to both endorsements…[/B]

I hope they give it to you but it is definetly not for sure, just ask Shellback. He was a Quartermaster and stood watch on the bridge and they didn’t give it to him. Needless to say he was very pissed off at NMC for that. It took him quite some time and work but he finally got the rfpnw endorsement.

[B] Ya I admit that I may have taken the NMC’s name in vain a few hundred times during that process but after reading about that poor captain that didn’t get his medal that he requested, I feel kinda silly now…;).[/B]

I keep getting an error message that says I didn’t use enough characters…Maybe this will put the chacter quota over the limit…