Retired Coasties to Lic Engineer

Does anyone know someone that retired from the CG and became a Lic Engineer? Im active duty now and have a few yrs left before i can retire. I have my MMD with the QMED endorsement. Would love to pick the mind of someone that went that path. Thanks

Just got out after serving 10 years as a DC1 with about 7 years of sea time…in the process of submitting my records to NMC for evaluation. I am also interested in the same info you are looking for.

I see u r in Singapore so can only be an “M” guy. When was ur last seatime? Do u have ur QMED already? Have u been to any civilian schools? What license are u looking to get? Were u an “EO” or an “EPO”?

Forget going through the NMC “National Maritime Center” to ask questions. The licensing side HATE blue suiters getting their licenses so don’t expect ANY help there. The reason for that is most NAVY schools have been submitted and are USCG approved. Every USCG except one to my knowledge is NOT USCG approved and the reason for that is most Cutter CO’s and shoreside types do not want “M” guys snooping through Training Records. When I was an XPO I did not care and neither did my CO. There was a program at HQ trying to make all USCG schools USCG approved but of course that is sitting on someones desk, gathering dust.

U can also get online with the Cutterman’s Association and they have checklist for Deck. Engineering should be similar.

Good Luck! PM me if I can be of any help.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m a “M” guy in Singapore living the good life. The last time I sailed was in 2008. I’ve been round and round with the NMC and it was painful. After all said and done they will allow me to test for QMED and after I get my 90 days recency I can test for 3rd ass eng, DDE unlimited. Now just waiting my time to retire.

hey I was USCG E-8 MKCS, I got out of USCG in 2006, I got my license in 1998 while active duty, I am working on the license now, any questions hit me up, semper paratus:)