How are the opportunities and wages for QMED

I am also thinking of applying and studying to obtain QMED qualification. Currently how are the opportunities and wages?
Thank you everybody

If you want to work on ships you also will need to get STCW RFPEW to work as an oiler and STCW Able Seafarer Engine is required for the other QMED ratings. Sea letters for STCW usually require specific wording and to be signed by the chief to counted as “approved seagoing service.” I have heard better things from the folks sailing with MFOWW than SIU. But, both would be good options for someone just starting off.,4.htm

You can find the requirements for “approved seagoing service” on page 14 of NIVIC-07-14

Dear rustbucket, thank you for your informations.
I’ll try to get a consultant to help me with the QMED ratings requirements.
Thank you!