I have AB Limited, BST, Lifeboat PSC, RFPNW and VPDSD. I’m considering taking QMED as I have enough engine room time. What else would I need to join the SIU and sail as a QMED?

You are going to need able seafarer-engine and rfpew.

If I go get RFPEW along with QMED could I sail as QMED? The regs say I need 6 months sailing with RFPEW to qualify for Able seafarer engine.

Not sure…but, you can find employment elsewhere with the qmed/rfpew…then get your able seafarer engine, then if you still wanna go SIU then go.

You can sail as an Oiler Maintenance Utility with RFPEW and a oiler endorsement. If you stay on your first ship for six months you’ll be able to add AS-E with a class. While you’re on the ship you should compete the signoffs for AS-E. You could also do the signoffs for electro technical rating and add that at the same time you add AS-E if you get a full QMED any rating, its just a few extra test than oiler.