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Hello everyone,<br><br>Has any one heard of a QMED without RFPEW on the STCW if not well now you have because that is me. I am prior navy and was an engineering rate and had sufficient seatime so I was allowed to test out for QMED. So I have my QMED and no STCW other than my BSt’s. Companies have a hard time understanding that because they need me to have the STCW 95. Now I am currently disputing this with the coast guard as far as giving me RFPEW based on my qualification assesments from the navy, but I want to work now and start to get a hang for commercial sailing. Does anyone know where I can start?


as an os/wiper until you can get the rfpew/nw done


hey darren I am currenty having the same problem and I am an en1. I was just curious as to what your rating in the navy was and if you ever finally got your rfpew.


Darren/Fish. Where ar you guys stationed?


I was stationed in hawaii but now I am out of the navy and residing in danai beach fl. this evaluation thing is driving me crazy


There are 2 schools right in your area, Sea school, and Maritime Professional Training. More on this later
When did you last stand watch on a USS?
What watch?
You may have enough experience for DDE


hey rat give me a call at 808-457-7113 my name is alexander. I would like to talk with you thanks


In the AM. Just got in after killing a 26 oz steak, potato and a tall draft. I’m spent


that sounds like a hell of a steak. if the 808 # doesn’t work try 910-338-0813