RFPEW question

I just received my new stickers from the NMC, and where it shows all the STCW codes it doesn’t show III/4. It does show RFPEW under the capacities, I do not have a QMED yet, maybe that’s why? Anyone have any insight to this? Thanks everyone for your help.

So no one has any idea why?

I don’t really know what to tell ya. So you have RFPEW but no QMED?? Why did you get the one without the other??

Under the capacities it says RFPEW but it doesn’t show III/4 under the STCW code section. I got it because I sent in an application for a bunch of deck stuff and didn’t want to wait for everything else I sent in for till I pass the QMED test.

So your chief signed off your 180 day rfpew as a wiper?

Yes he did. I also talked to the NMC they are send me a new sticker for it.

Yeah it’s separate from the stcw and QMED. Next thing is your unlimited.

[QUOTE=PaulBaudry;98761]Yeah it’s separate from the stcw and QMED. Next thing is your unlimited.[/QUOTE]

My unlimited what? I really have no need for RFPEW or a QMED, but since I sailed as a engineer I thought I would use the sea time.

Unlimited QMED. If you’re already an engineer, then why did you need an rfpew?

I’m not an engineer. I’m a deck guy, I just don’t see a point in letting sea time go to waste.

Understandable. Might as well get all the endorsements you can.

That’s the way I see it. I’ll be sitting for my Qmed next. Never know when I may need it.

I’m waiting on my stickers to come back from the coast guard for it. Been on the phone with them 3 or 4 times today

I have been fairly lucky with them I normally don’t have any problems. This was the first time I’ve ever had a real problem with them and they fixed it right away.