Bown water to blue water

the big move need help , getting an chief osv , took my bst and boatman (psc) next taking my medcare when i get off this trip , do i need a rating forming part of an engineering watch, i have a dde unlimited any hp . been on brown water for 20 years chief for 18 years of them now i would like to run with the big dogs . thanks guys

Yes, get an RFPEW and QMED - any rating. I’m pretty sure it’s just a paperwork thing since you have the DDE AHP but you will want the credentials that are most applicable to deep sea.

I get the Qmed any rating, do I get the rfpew because of the ddr unlimited if not is there a place to get training? ? Thanks

Basically RFPEW the STCW version of QMED. NMC Policy Letter 14-02 will give you all the gory details of what you need to do to get it. Google will give you tons of hits of places that offer training.

Thanks so much, I have some reading to do now

Hi again, all the school I talked to about the rfpew have the paper work but not the training.