What are your favorite onboard meals?

I have been a dirt-side work-crew cook for years. I am going offshore in a few weeks. What are your favorite onboard meals?
I can’t imagine there would be any differences, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

The corned beef on my last boat was pretty good :slight_smile:

Bacon egg and cheese sandwich on the bridge during long maneuvers has always been one of my favs.

Shepards Pie and Pulled pork with mac salad

[QUOTE=fullbell;117036]Bacon egg and cheese sandwich on the bridge during long maneuvers has always been one of my favs.[/QUOTE]

That’s right, god damn coffee burning holes in my stomach.

We had a sweet forth of July cook out this year. Shrimps kabobs steak chicken Mac salad the whole nine. It was awesome. Chief cooks name was Roy warren dude is awesome.

I am a big fan of casseroles. Easy to cook, portion control not an issue, economical, and leftovers easy to reheat if the guy on watch gets hunger pangs at 0300.

My tugboat breakfast sandwich is a bagel toasted with cream cheese, and then scrambled eggs in between.

Got an AB who makes the worlds best chicken and dumplings. Only thing I bust my diet for.

Anything I didn’t have to cook myself! ! Any cook is better than no cook!!

Used to have good fried chicken around 0300 when mate on NY harbor tugs…next thing you know a few other boats were alongside chowing down when word got out. Man that was tasty stuff and always a fun time.

Otherwise I like to smoke some ribs when I know we have a few days of downtime, potato salad etc. And of course take-out pizza crewchange day!

Well, in my experience it is the last meal before going home!

Shit sandwich without the bread. We usually never run out of it either, there is always plenty onboard.

Had a cook that made Cuban sandwiches with black beans. Awesome! Enchiladas and lasagna are always good too

the fresh tuna that i catch. that pretty much beats ALL.

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Good luck to you!

In 1981, I got a job on a Tidewater Supply boat as an OS, the very first meal was Corndogs and baked beans over rice.
Being a Yankee, I was facinated by this dish. It is still a fine memory. To say it is my fav is a stretch, but memory wise it is.
My fav is spagetti (the way it is made in cajun land) and a good salad

Usually when I go ashore to eat. The ship I work on the food is terrible.

Boiled Fish Heads and Rice. Yummy.

One ship I worked on had the [B][i]best[/I][/B] breakfast burritoes [B][I]ever[/I][/B]. My mouth is watering just thinking of them now…