What's your favorite meal on your ship or boat?


Curious what people like to eat while on board. One of the crews favorites when I was cooking was my pot pie. Is there something special you like to eat? Maybe something you only eat at work? Something a cook made that everyone wanted?


GOOD LORD! this forum really is descending into the depths of insignificance


my favorite me by far was the Sunday deep fried chicken dinner served on the rigs…absolutely the best ever! I am salivating just thinking about it and the mashed potatoes, gravy, dirty rice and yeasty rolls. I would pack my gut until I looked 8months pregnant…AAAAHHH!

my second would be the brisket but never did care for the deep fried Fridays tho


There is an item I have only had on rigs in the GOM that is both appealing and appalling at the same time. Just can’t stop eating it though, I’m guessing it’s a southern thing since I never heard of it growing up in Jersey. King Ranch Chicken. Yeah buddy give me another scoop. Introduced me to the canned goodness of Rotel as an ingredient.


Early in my career I was working late in the machine shop trying to finish a job and did not realize I nearly worked through dinner. (The ship was an old Mariner class break bulk where the galley was next to shop.) The cook noting my situation brought over a bowl of chili, red beans, and rice. As pedestrian as that meal might sound it never tasted so good. I like it with a dash of Tabasco to give it a shot. From that day onward it became a favorite. I won’t try to explain why, it just is.


Bacon and eggs, Pancakes and Chicken fried steak !


Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry you feel this is insignificant. I thought it would be helpful to newer cooks. Eating well on a vessel has always been valued. I thought a little lighter subject might be welcomed. Your reply was excellent, and significant to me.


Have to check that one out


wtf? ok, i’ll play along: crab, fresh off the bottom. … then: breakfast, then: burger lunch… chevron was a feeder!!!


Some of the best shipboard food I ever had was on Chevron tankers. I don’t recall ever eating on their US flag ships, however the food on the ships with Italian officers was superb as was the food on their ships with Northern European (and a few US) officers. I would often overnight on their ULCCs (and VLCCs) in the Lightering Area, and have spent a week or two “riding ship” for tank inspections.


no kidding, a person could have serious health issues on some of those ships… having eaten institutional food (military, ships) a lot of my life, it was the best eating I ever got and i don’t see how one can avoid turning into a lard ass but we sure saved money huh?


I worked with a Trinidadian cook once who had many of his island’s traditional dishes on his menus. Callallo soup, roti, doubles, allaloo pie & plenty of spicy dishes heavy with curry. Since then I go to every Caribbean heritage festival & restaurant that I can find but I still haven’t ran across any meals as good as his. I have a few Caribbean cook books & searched all over the net but I can’t replicate that guys recipes either. I have no desire to go to Trinidad & Tobago for vacation but if I win the lottery I plan on flying there a few times a year just to have dinner.


For me my favorite meal was club sandwiches. Tripple layer toast bread with mayo, add ham, cheese, bacon with lettuce and tomato. Add an order of French fries on the side. I could eat this every day.


You can also throw a fried egg on the club for an extra kick.


Here you go!


That’s more of a Texan thing, but If you’ve found a good recipe for it, pm me with it if you would. I’ve searched like crazy for what I used to get on the rigs, and none of them come close to that gooey, cheesy, yummy mess that we’d get out there.


I find that the egg addition is most popular on the north coast of South America. . . .


everything. egg or fast food. but it is easy to eat the fast food. :grinning:


We were on a drilling vessel coming over from India to the GOM - they kept the Indian catering staff on board until we got to Trinidad. OMG the food was SOOOOOOOO amazing! Also, we had some guys/gals from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and occasionally they made their version of stewed chicken with coconut dumplings (with the density of enriched uranium) - really, really delicious! Now that they are using a lot of catering crews from the Philippines they’ll occasionally make a dish or two of their own native food and it is REALLY good. Other then that, that deep South Southern fried chicken that never seems to be as good anywhere else as it is offshore on a Sunday in the GOM.


Hehehe I love it when they bring the Rotel out.


Last meal on change day