Favorite Meals Aboard

Well let’s hear them. List what type of vessel you work on as well might be intresting to see if certain foods trend with types of vessels and areas of work.

Tug boat-Pacific Northwest

Baked halibut with a dungeness crab fettchini was prob one of the best meals I’ve had. Something bout catching your own food too.

Tug boat NE crockpot catastrophe

GoM raves

chicken sausage gumbo

Sunday fried chicken supper


deep fried porkchops, froglegs, catfish

Crawfish étouffée or just crawfish in general is awesome. Mudbugs!


Everything laid out on seafood Fridays, fried shrimp to seafood gumbo.

Any kind of shellfish, fried, stirfried, gumbo, chowder, cakes or bisque.

Standing rib roast with steamed asparagus. Also shrimp and crab stuffed baked potato.

Tuna, wahoo, snapper, or ling sashmi.

Portuguese fish stew made with mahi.

Fried snapper throats.

I spent 2 years in South and Central America. Some offerings were just scarey. My favorites were:
In Brazil was grilled squid steaks with plantains. Breakfast was eggs and flying fish fillets cooked on the griddle
In Colombia was sancocho de tortuga.

The last cook I sail with could cook but chose to serve prefabricated shit, sespool raised shrimp and would not fry fish…the horror…

Ocean Survey Vessels
Biscuits and Gravy to start the day
BBQ ribs, baked beans and corn to finish it.

Man that sounds so good

Snapper throats, lol what the hell

[QUOTE=crawdaddy 1.5;77727]Snapper throats, lol what the hell[/QUOTE]
Snapper throats, halibut throats and cheeks, grouper throats and cheeks ,redfish throats…if they’re too big for the fryer, broil or cook on the grill with seasoned lemon butter.

Man you guys eat like kings

[B]Shrimp boat = GOM

Mule deer surprise. thin sliced piece of back strap layed out with jalapeno slice on that, then cream cheese, rolled up and wrapped with a piece of bacon on the grill.

Fresh Flounder filet seared in pan with thin slice steak tomato,piece of lettuce on lightly buttered toast.

Cheese cake on gram cracker crust smothered with fresh fruit and granola sprinkled on top.

Breakfast burritos, with onion, peps, meat, mushroom, cheese…whatever else. made to order.

Night time, after setting overboard, kickin feet up in the wheelhouse with a big root-beer float.

Crock-pot = Spicey 15 bean soup with smoked sausage and ham. w/ garlic toast or crackers.

Big a$$ bowl of homemade macaroni & cheese.

Smoked / grilled fresh tuna. or casserole.

Lightly seasoned and breaded fried lobster tail.[/B]

[I][B]SHIT… I GOTTA GO EAT NOW…[/B][/I]:cool:

Harbor tug in the pnw. Nothing like a nice BBQ New York strip steak & asparagus with a nice salad and maybe some brown rice.

Harbor tug in ChesBay:

Those rare days that the deckhand doesnt burn dinner!!

Weekend breakfast -bacon,eggs, and toast

Taco night

Grilled NY strips with baked potatoes and corn on the cob

Pork BBQ and cole slaw

Harbor tug NOLA (1985)
The engineer had a weber smoker on deck. He smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving.
As we went down the river our other company boats asked if we were on fire!

I’ve sailed with some outstanding cooks. One cook i sailed with carrying heating oil from Corpus to Portland for several winters cooked the best cold weather food. He made sourdough bread every day. Standard fare in port would be home made tomato soup or split pea soup with sourdough crutons or grilled ham and cheese sandwitches. Seafood chowder with shrimp, clams, scallops, crab and oysters. The smell of it alone would instigate an onslaught of the gout!

Battered fried mahi for lunch, caught at morning coffee break (back when fishing was allowed)

Seared yellow fin.

Deep sea Construction ROV

Gabon west africa, fresh caught jumbo tiger prawn shrimp, with fresh tuna steaks cooked on the grill

My dad is in Ghana and all he talks about is the tiger prawns.