Whale Wars Captain Sued for loss of Vessel

I just found this while wasting time surfing the web and thought you all would get a laugh out of it.


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‘Whale Wars’ star sued for $5 million by Ady Gil ship owner, report says

Published January 08, 2013

NEW YORK – “Whale Wars” seems to be sinking into a legal battle.

According to TMZ, a new lawsuit claims Paul Watson, star of the Animal Planet series, lied about the fate of his ship, telling media that it sank after a run in with Japanese whalers. The ship’s owner Ady Gil alleges Watson actually ordered for the ship to be sunk in order to create publicity.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday in a Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that while the ship—also named Ady Gil— was indeed struck by a Japanese whaling boat, the damage could have been repaired, however Watson sabotaged the boat in order to amp up the publicity.

Gil claims Watson’s motive was to spur outrage over the ship’s sinking and urge people to donate to his anti-whaling organization.

Gil alleges he only allowed Watson to use his ship for “Whale Wars” under the condition that Watson keeps it in the best condition possible. Now, Gil is suing for $5 million saying the destruction of the boat violated their agreement.

Watson recently resigned from his post as the head of the Sea Shepherd society, according to TMZ.

Discovery announced on Saturday that “Whale Wars” would be renewed for a sixth season, according to Deadline.

Dear IRS, please, pleese. pleaze, PLEEZE take away the 501(c)3 status of Sea Shepard Society!


Ahem http://gcaptain.com/sea-shepherds-paul-watson-sued-by-the-real-ady-gil/

BTW he was also forced to resign as president of the Society in the wake of the U.S. court order preventing him from attacking and approaching within 500 yards of the whalers.

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I enjoyed that…I wonder if it is time for me to take up a new alter ego for c.captain? This one comes already equipped with pointy stick even!

Please no! C.captain has ego enough without an “alter”. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=rigdvr;94089]Please no! C.captain has ego enough without an “alter”. :-)[/QUOTE]

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