Animal Planet Whale Wars

I just watched whale wars on tv and saw the MV STEVE IRWIN and saw the most unprofessional semanship. The crew was lowering a rib boat over the side while underway and capsized the rib with all on board in antartica the first officer did not have the painter secured. It lokks like a good show so check it out


Yeah, I have gotten a few emails from the producer asking me to post an announcement on the blog… I’m still waiting for my Tivo to catch up before I decide. Here’s a preview though, it shows the RIB launch.

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It looks like they copy protected the preview but you can still view it HERE

After watching this clip I don’t see how you can. These guys are throwing stuff on to the whaler’s deck to make it slippery and stink, and throwing line in the water to foul the wheel. That’s straight up destruction of property. What happens if the wheel gets fouled and a storm comes and the ship capsizes, or someone goes out on deck unaware of the stuff on deck or is just cleaning it and slips and falls and hurts themselves? And then they start B#*$&ing that two of the protesters boarded a vessel underway and are being detained, they didn’t go on board to look around that’s for sure.

I don’t know all the laws related to piracy, but you board my vessel underway at the very least I’m going to detain you in a room with a guard posted till we make port so the authorities can be involved.

Whaling might be despicable, but this is not the way to go about abolishing it for good.

What is WRONG with these people??? They think they can launch a RIB of a single point davit like that and wonder why it capsizes? Somebody should send this to the Coast Guard and have their licenses revoked. Morons.


Board my ship on the open water, I’m going to assume you’re here to do harm to my crew…
Years ago in Norfolk, Greenpeae tried to run RHIBS up onto some of the nuke subs… Bubbleheads had 50 lb. bags of sand ready for them, also fire hoses. Looked great on the news!!!

you board my vessel in international waters like that and im going to shoot you and throw you back overboard.

There are better ways to fight against the Japanese whaling fleet. These guys are morons, they just make themselves look bad. Boarding a vessel at sea without permission? Throw them in the brig!

Forget the brig…give them 150 pis worth of fire hose to the chest and see if they want to come back again. IDIOTS!!!

“They Kidnapped My Crew!!! Waaah, waaah waaaaaaaaaahhhhh”

Eco-Terrorists playing Pirate.
Check out the Sea Sheperd web site and then the Wikipedia article.
Also lots of stuff on youtube.
Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are not friendly to each other.
It’s amazing anybody supports these criminals.

I did a little looking into this a couple months ago when this was going on. I think the most telling thing about this is two videos of a collision, one from the japanese perspective and one from the sea shephard bridge. Keep in mind that in this situation the Sea Shephard ship is approaching from astern and therefore is the give way vessel.
Sea Shephard (1:30 in)
I think that this show is absolutely disgusting. These guys are blatant ecoterrorists and should be arrested, not get their own TV show. I guess the founder of this group was one of the orginal founders of greenpeace but broke off because he felt that they didn’t take radical enough action. John, if you decide to use this blog to support these people I’d be very disappointed. I think that what the Japanese are doing is wrong, but I don’t think that attacking them is the answer.

the whales have more to fear from that crew than the whale hunters.

I’m no genius but that looks an awful lot like piracy covered up with “eco protection”. I don’t think this should even be televised, really gives a poor image to that group.

On a serious side, what are the legal ramifications of this? Maybe somebody with a law degree can help here…
Say you’re out on the open ocean, doing what you’re being paid to do. Some little shit RIB comes up and starts throwing Cherry Bombs (or whatever those things are) at you. How much are you allowed to retaliate? What happens if these idiots climb on board your vessel? There’s no way you can really outrun/outmaneuver a 20 footer. Can you just throw these people over the side back down to their boat, or just into the water? A lot of ships carry guns - I was on one that had several pistols, shotguns, and M14s in the safe in the Master’s stateroom. Why can’t you just shoot these people and ask what they wanted later? It’s obvious that these people are dangerous…can you imagine if one of them got shot and they showed it on Animal Planet??? How about blasting them in the face with a firehose. Sure, it’s going to cause some damage to the people…are you (or the company) responsible?
Maybe James Cavo can help out here…I think he said he went to law school?

Why the Pirate Flag?

are they trying to get shoot?

I did go to law school, and “practiced” for 6 years. One of the first things I learned is not to give legal advice to anyone who is not your client (it’s cause for disbarment).

Hmm…so what if I send you a dollar?