Our favorite clown Captain emerges to take command of his floating circus

God, how I hope this is the final year this asshole is around. He is going to get caught again one day and I hope that will be the last we ever see the fat bloated media egomaniac

Wanted man Watson back on Sea Shepherd ship

By Madeleine Coorey (AFP) – 1 day ago

SYDNEY — Militant conservationist Paul Watson, who is wanted by Interpol, has confirmed he is back onboard a Sea Shepherd vessel and ready to confront Japanese whalers.

The Canadian’s whereabouts had been a mystery since July when he jumped bail in Germany, where he was arrested on charges stemming from a high-seas confrontation over shark finning in 2002.

Sea Shepherd had said the white-bearded captain would be involved in this season’s campaign against Japan’s whaling operations and he confirmed in a statement that he was back in charge.

“The deck of the Steve Irwin is again under my feet,” Watson said late Tuesday. “I have an awesome crew and our ship is on course for Antarctica.”

Sea Shepherd, whose vessels harass the Japanese whaling fleet to prevent them slaughtering whales, had previously said its ships would journey north to head off the harpoonists before they reached Antarctica.

“Apparently they believed it,” Watson said.

"Their coastguard mobilised and they went to a great deal of expense and effort to sneak quietly out of port.

“Of course we had no intention of heading north at all. We are waiting for them in the south, but before they reach the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.”

The Steve Irwin, Sea Shepherd’s flagship, left its Melbourne dock on November 5. It is not known where Watson boarded the vessel.

Takaaki Sakamoto, an official at Japan’s fisheries agency, said: “We will discuss with relevant ministries how Japan will react to Watson’s being on board.”

He declined to disclose information on the whereabouts of Japan’s whaling ships, citing fears of attacks by Sea Shepherd.

Watson, who for years has harassed Japan’s whale hunt, was arrested in Germany in May for extradition to Costa Rica over the shark finning incident in 2002. He says the charges are politically motivated, driven by Tokyo.

He said it had been a long, four-month journey from Germany.

“Across two oceans and countless rivers, over three mountain ranges, across a desert, over lakes, and through dozens of cities and towns,” he said.

“A trifle inconvenient without a passport or any form of identification and all the more difficult without credit cards or access to ATM machines, without access to the Internet or even a cellphone.”

Sea Shepherd’s ninth campaign, named Operation Zero Tolerance, is its largest against Japan’s whale hunt and involves four ships, a helicopter, three drones and more than 100 crew members.

Three of the vessels, the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Brigitte Bardot, are all at sea while the Sam Simon is at an undisclosed location.

Confrontations between the whalers and activists have escalated in recent years and the Japanese cut their hunt short in early 2011 due to Sea Shepherd harassment.

Japan hunts whales using a loophole in a global moratorium that allows killing the sea mammals for what it calls “scientific research”, although the meat is later sold openly in shops and restaurants.

Watson said he believed that Japan would one day move to protecting whales and he hoped this would be the last year Sea Shepherd makes the “long, expensive and dangerous voyage” to the Southern Ocean.

“But we will return again next year and the year after that, and every year thereafter until the whale killing is ended,” he said.

what a miserable lying fat sack of shit this asshole is…next he’ll be telling the stupid rich Hollywood fucks who shovel money at him, that he rowed all the way to Antarctic alone to join his fleet!

just thought I’d toss this hand grenade into the burn barrel

Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd, Cowardice Under Direct Action Fire?
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Interpol, the worlds police, have issued a Red Notice for Paul Watson titular head of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Watson is currently on the run exhibiting a simply stunning display of abject cowardice in the face of Direct Action.

This is a wake up call to his donor base both large and small. Your conservation money, the money you had hoped would be used for change, has been taken from you by a slick conservation media machine.

And while no one wants to get inside the mind of the Sea Shepherd faithful for fear they will discover an overweight hamster on a giant wheel wheezing to a techno version of Kermit The Frogs, “It’s not Easy Being Green,” one has to ask, why run Paul?

Paul Watson is more than happy to send his volunteers/unpaid reality tv actors into situations that ultimately put then in harms way while he himself is unwilling to even step into a court room where he would get to explain his Direct Action policies to the widest audience he has ever had.

Watson instead has crafted a series of inane excuses for his lack of, “Doushitemo” (at any cost), which flies in the face of far too many of Watsons own stump speeches to his donor base where he regales them with tales of personal bravery on the high seas.

About that, as it turns out Watson is also not above faking his own assassination attempts to bolster his claims of conservation bravery. This is an organization that, “at any cost,” spends donor money to pump out slick conservation media fakery, year after year, to garner more donations.

It’s a Conservation Möbius Loop of the worst kind.

After 30 years Sea Shepherd has proved an abject failure as an organization for actual and lasting changes to wildlife.

They have become unfortunate parodies of themselves and in the minds of their donor base, “too big to fail.” There’s a meme out there that suggests, and is propagated by Sea Shepherd, that if they stop their Direct Actions the entire world will go to hell in a hand-basket because there are no other organizations out there to fill the void.

It’s a lie.

In fact there are plenty of small boots on the ground organizations out there, thanks in large part to social media and smart phones, that need your help now. They are the real face of conservation, not the donor paid vacations in the South Pacific with Sea Shepherds elite Shark Angels - an ongoing conservation sham where the biggest hurdle this “elite team” faces has been the lack of access to dwindling supplies of glitter lip gloss and SPF 50.

You have a choice, dig a bit deeper in your search for a conservation organization org that delivers change, or continue to support a bloated increasingly irrelevant organization that at it’s core (Paul Watson) fails to live up to the ongoing hype.

Paul Watson as an conservation organization leader has shown to the world that his organization does not deserve your respect, admiration, or money.

For many out there in the conservation sphere this is not news. For the Sea Shepherd faithful who like the idea of wearing pirate shirts and being part of something grand, this is gut check time.

Support something new, try something small, grow an organization that delivers conservation change and one that you know will spend your conservation money wisely. Fact is when any organization gets to over 11 million dollars in revenue resources and it’s Conservation CEO is placed on Interpols Red Notice you have to wonder…are the worlds animals really being served here?

About Shark Diver. As a global leader in commercial shark diving and conservation initiatives Shark Diver has spent the past decade engaged for sharks around the world. Our blog highlights all aspects of both of these dynamic and shifting worlds. You can reach us directly at sharkcrew@gmail.com.

Mmmm…scweeeet, Shark Diver’s after some of Capt. Leadbottom’s treasure! I love a good feeding frenzy.

Now here’s an idea. I should just make-up a “conservation” organisation on the internet, and have people donate to my Paypal Account!!!

Interpol red notice means nothing, everyone with an upaid parking ticket in Dubai goes on that list.

I hope that we aren’t deprived of[I] another[/I] season of Whale Wars.

I wonder if they are still looking for the factory ship that’s right on front of them…

[QUOTE=LI_Domer;90246]Now here’s an idea. I should just make-up a “conservation” organisation on the internet, and have people donate to my Paypal Account!!![/QUOTE]

If you’re willing to take an unseaworthy boat to the Southern Ocean with a bunch of untrained idiots for the sole purpose of our entertainment then I’d be happy to donate!

You could just save time and charter a Turdwater vessel. All you would have to do is provide camera crew and a self absorbed idiot ringleader. Turdwater will supply the inept crew.

The latest Sea Shepard vessel presented to the public today…and get this, an ex Japanese government weathership! I am sure a completely ice strengthened and Southern Ocean capable ship…NOT! Of course, it is an entire planet better than those other ancient pieces of shit that those fucking bozo’s operate!

[B]Sea Shepherd’s New Antarctic Patrol Ship Unveiled in Tasmania[/B]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


After the announcement that Los Angeles-based philanthropist and co-creator of TV’s “The Simpsons,” Sam Simon, had donated funds for the purchase of a ship, Sea Shepherd’s new Antarctic patrol ship, the SSS Sam Simon, was unveiled in the port of Hobart, Tasmania, docked at Macquarie Wharf 1.

Her 56-meter hull painted bright white with a classic Sea Shepherd Conservation Society logo on her sides, and displaying a large “S” on her tall black smokestack, the Sam Simon has received several months of preparation prior to Sea Shepherd’s Antarctic campaign.

Registered in Melbourne, Australia, the Sam Simon carries a crew of 24 international volunteers, ready to travel the Southern Ocean to seek out and shut down the Japanese whaling fleet.

The vessel, retired from service by the Japanese Government in 2010, has since been laid up in Shimonoseki, Japan, alongside the very ships Sea Shepherd will confront this season.

Originally built as Seifu Maru in 1993 by IHI shipyard in Tokyo, to a high standard with no expense spared by the Japanese Government, the ice-strengthened steel vessel was operated by the Maizuru Meteorogical Observatory, a department of the Japan Meteorological Agency, out of Kyoto Prefecture.

Seifu Maru was responsible for a considerable amount of real ocean current data contributing to Japan’s western North Pacific Whaling Program (JARPN).

Captain of the Sam Simon, Locky Maclean, stated: “After months of secrecy, it is such a great feeling to finally be able to fly the Sea Shepherd flag from the main mast, and yes, Sea Shepherd now owns a real Japanese research ship!”

With four vessels departing for the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd’s Operation Zero Tolerance aims to find the Japanese whaling fleet and rid the Antarctic Treaty Zone of them without killing any whales. This is reportedly the culmination of a decade’s conservation work in the Antarctic, which has drastically reduced the amount of whales killed by Japan’s ICR.

According to Sea Shepherd, Japan’s ICR has set itself a quota of nearly one thousand minke and 50 fin whales to be culled during the 2012/2013 Australian summer in Antarctica.

The Sam Simon will be open for public tours Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Hobart prior to departing for the Southern Ocean next week.

well knowing how small everything is on Japanese vessels, I expect Watson will get his immense FAT ASS stuck in the shitter one day and will have to be extracted by the crew using portapowers and prybars. Barring that, they might have to ask one of the whale catchers if they can borrow an explosive harpoon head to use that to blash the great bloated white whale himself free!

Have I mentioned yet that c.captain hates that miserable emmeffing poseur!

breaking news which further forces Sea Shepard Society into hopeful oblivion!

[B]US Court Orders Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to Stay Away from Whaling Ships[/B]

By Rob Almeida On December 19, 2012

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society suffered a setback in court this week when the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ordered that the controversial anti-whaling non profit group are prohibited from physically attacking, or approaching within 500 yards of any Institute of Cetacean Research vessels navigating on the open sea.

Although sparse on details, the Society has big plans for their anti-whaling campaign this winter, all of which is planned to be televised in the 9th season of television program, “Whale Wars.”

Considering the head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson, is already an international fugitive, and their reputation for extremely reckless behavior on the high seas, it seems rather doubtful this ruling will have any noticeable impact on their operations.

“We will defend these whales as we have for the last eight years – non-violently and legally,” said Captain Paul Watson in a reaction to the court order.

In a press release, the Society commented, “Our ships, officers and crew are 100% committed to achieving a zero-kill quota on whales. This is Operation Zero Tolerance and 120 crewmembers from 26 different nations are prepared to risk their lives to defend endangered and protected whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Sea Shepherd is committed to defending the integrity of this internationally established sanctuary.”


We owe Watson so much.[ATTACH]2807[/ATTACH]

He seems to attract a shitstorm everywhere he goes. Now he’s being sued by the guy who actually owned the Ady Gil who claims SS deliberately scuttled the vessel Ady Gil for publicity. What a bunch of jackasses. No wonder Greenpeace wants nothing to do with them.

[QUOTE=catherder;94383]He seems to attract a shitstorm everywhere he goes. Now he’s being sued by the guy who actually owned the Ady Gil who claims SS deliberately scuttled the vessel Ady Gil for publicity. What a bunch of jackasses. No wonder Greenpeace wants nothing to do with them.[/QUOTE]

The asshole must have a day of reckoning soon…there is no way a man so loathed and wanted legally can escape no matter what his money or contracts with Discovery Communications. When he is caught he will play the martyr for the whales but behind bars he cannot lead that motley bunch and they WILL disband and the world will be a better place then.

“Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo”

I heard that Watson would be replaced with Honey Boo Boo.:cool:

[QUOTE=AHTS Master;94455]I heard that Watson would be replaced with Honey Boo Boo.:cool:[/QUOTE]

WIth the Kardashian sisters as crew


How to demand that the IRS audit Sea Shepard Society and find out where all that money is going? Can you image the tens of millions that it is raking in each year and you know it ain’t spending it on crew. If the money is going offshore to support Watson who is a fugitive from international justice must be a violation of some federal statute.


time to step this battle up a notch and bring up a battery of 155mm howitzers!

here is a petition I have just posted to the White House website asking that the Sea Shepard Society be investigated by the IRS and for Watson and the Society to be prosecuted for any criminal violations found of which I am sure there are many.

To everybody here who loathes Watson like I, please sign thisand publish it around on Facebook and Twitter…

we petition the Obama Administration to:

[B]Instruct the IRS to investigate the Sea Shepard Society for violations of their 501©3 charitable organization status[/B]

WIth the recent US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ordering that the Sea Shepard Society to not physically attack, or approach within 500 yards of any Institute of Cetacean Research vessels navigating on the open sea and for the group’s founder and de facto leader Paul Watson being a fugitive from international justice with an INTERPOL warrant, us signers of this petition, ask that the White House direct the IRS to undertake an audit of the Society’s founding and accounts for possible violations of their 501©3 charitable tax exempt status and to revoke it if any such violations are uncovered.

Also to instruct the Justice Department to further prosecute Paul Watson and the Society for criminal tax fraud and to immediately arrest Watson should he attempt to reenter the US.

Time to do the legwork needed to harpoon that miserable PHAT PHUCKING PHUGITIVE!