West Marine offering OUPV courses in Cape Cod?

I have heard that West Marine and Northeast Maritime Institute are going to start offering OUPV courses up in Cape Cod.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Is it going to be offered in any other regions? ie Florida?

Yes, WM and NMI will be offering OUPV and 100ton upgrade at the Hyannis WM and Newport WM starting in January 2011. If this is successful it will branch out as the market demands. They will be evening courses, about 6 weeks long, 3-4 days a week. Call these stores for details or NMI.

they have been trying to get this progam off the ground for some time now…taught a similar class in Biloxi, Ms for West Marine a few years ago…great gig for someone willing to travel the country if they ever manage to get it together??they weren’t very receptive to what I proposed at the time??

You mention Fla. Have you heard of Sea School in St Pete, or Star in Ft laud/Dania? There are others around already.