Chapman School of Seamanship

Hi All,
I’m new to Gcaptain as well as to the boating industry somewhat. I am interested in taking Chapman’s Professinal Mariner Course in Stuart Florida and would like any feedback from others that may have been through it or have had any experiences with the Chapman School. Has anyone heard if they are successful in general in job placement? Thanks for any advice or insight!


The school is reputable. It is the only school I am aware of that includes actual vessel handling time as part of the course. The classes are taught at the campus with the exception of firefighting which is done at Canaveral, I believe. Not the cheapest but certainly worthwhile if you have the time and the money. The Campus is self contained with good accommodation. The instructors that I know are excellent. But they are mainly training for the yachting industry and seem to have reasonable success with placements. Having said that the certifications and license that you will eventually get are USCG credentials and so it would be up to you to find a commercial job if you are not into yachts. You will need your sea time before going to the school as there is not enough underway time to qualify.

Thanks much. I will definitely check it out.