USCG approved schools in Charleston, SC

Hello All,

Can anyone recommend a good school in Charleston, SC? Thanks in advance!

I would like to take an FRB class that’s taught well. If there’s a good one outside of SC, I would travel.

You can search for all the approved courses and providers on the NMC site.

You’re going to be a lot more specific about what courses you want to take. The courses offered at OUPV License School and Bait Shop are going to be different than those offered STCW ‘R’ Us.

JD, I know it wasn’t intended, but my first chuckle of the day.

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Yeah, maybe I wasn’t clear. I would like to take fast rescue boat. There are a couple schools in the area that offer it. I was just thinking someone would have some insight on a school that has a good instructor, or a nice boat to learn on. Is this really that far out? If so nvm