Approved VSO course

I personally like the new site, that being said, where can I get the USCG approved VSO course in the La./Tx. area? Also how about the Designated Examiner class, I have the time and experience to whrite the letter but I figure I might as well go ahead and just do the course while I at it.

Thanks for the help

cajuntugster – Here is the link to the USCG VSO approved courses It does not appear to have any schools in LA, other than Chouest that offer the class. Unfortunately, the list does not have the location of the school, only the name. DDE approved courses, Mid-Atlantic Maritime in VA Beach offers the DDE class. That is the closest that I saw.

Thanks for the help Captain Brian. I found a VSO class in Houma La. at [U] [/U]They seemed to have a good selection of class dates.
Also I found a Designated Examiner class in Lafourche, La. at Lafourche Merchant Maritime for $70 bucks,985-5371222.
I hope this is helpful to others who have to pay with their own dime.

I recommend you find out if this course has been accepted by either DNV, ABS, or the American Council of Education. I have no record of these organizations approving a course for this company, so unless they are either using a sub-contractor who has approval, or have the approval under another name, the Coast Guard will not accept it when you apply for the VSO endorsement to your STCW certificate.

There’s a list of the VSO courses the Coast Guard will accept at If the course isn’t on the list, we won’t accept it. This list started out as being for internal use only, I had not realized it didn’t have the school addresses on it. The next update (due next week) will have the same contact info for the school as our other course lists. Of the schools with acceptable courses, The O’Brien’s Group and Marsec Corporation are also based in Louisiana.

Mr. Cavo,
The VSO course is administered under Hudson Trident, the certificate is issued on their stuff.

You should be OK. This is the contractor screnario I mentioned.

Falck Alford in the surrounding New Orleans area have a DNV approved VSO course. The course is a 2 day class held twice a week. (Mon-Tues and Thurs.- Fri) They provide meals and lodging-of course for an additional cost.The course is 375.00 Here is their contact information:

Falck Alford-used to be Alford Safety Services Inc.
985-223-3765 (ask for Mrs. Pat)

Hi guys, is any aware of an SSO/VSO uscg approved online course?

Masteratarms - As far as I know the USCG only approved a couple of the STCW classes online and VSO/CSO is not one of them. Would be very nice if some more classes were though.


Falck Alford in Houma just took the class 6 weeks ago. great instructors, flack hires MARSEC to teach at there facility. as mention above classes are most thurs +Fridays. There are DNV certified/ recognized by the USCG. there are the only public school in Texas + La to my knowledge